Bravo produces music video paying tribute to Gracies, jiu-jitsu

by Eddie Bravo | source: twistereddie


tags: Eddie Bravo   video   


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dennis5 site profile image  

12/26/11 4:43 PM by dennis5


spliff site profile image  

12/26/11 4:31 PM by spliff

you gotta make a remix Ginnogi  

SidRival site profile image  

12/26/11 4:23 PM by SidRival

Lol awesome, u have to write a song called NOGIG now!

RandyDarsh site profile image  

12/26/11 3:02 PM by RandyDarsh

Eddie was rockin the ibanez iceman?!?!Shit Eddie good job. First to do something along these lines.

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

12/26/11 2:52 PM by jaytrainwreck

Get a life

EddieBravo site profile image  

12/26/11 2:45 PM by EddieBravo

 "How do u feel about the Gracie's tribute to the Gracie's?? Ginagi?" a true NOGIG would never listen to a song called GINAGI but I have to admit I've listened to it at least 5 times :)

sebastard site profile image  

12/26/11 12:48 PM by sebastard

edited for being a meanie.

roll2win site profile image  

12/25/11 6:54 PM by roll2win

I like it

Hill Billy site profile image  

12/25/11 6:14 PM by Hill Billy

Out of all of the combat sports, only jiu jitsu instructors are stupid enough to pretend like they can teach people how to fight.   The great irony being that jiu jitsu is a sport for women, children and the elderly.  It is by far the softest of all the combat sports and the easiest to participate in.  Literally, any retard can do it. Boxing trainers suffer from a similar delusion (though, to a lesser extent), but at least their delusion is fueled by big money matches. The whole Gracie "all you need is jiu jitsu" nonsense should be viewed as a fraud and them as the grifters that they are.  Plus, your music is dogshit.  And you look like a fag when you're gargling Rogan's cock... just saying.

SidRival site profile image  

12/25/11 5:40 PM by SidRival

How do u feel about the Gracie's tribute to the Gracie's?? Ginagi?