Brittney Palmer to appear in March Playboy


This month's issue of Playboy magazine indicates that UFC Octagon girl Brittney Plamer will be feature in the March issue. The text references her work as a painter and notes there will be a pictorial, but no further information is available.

In addition to being an oil painter, model, white belt in BJJ, and Octagon girl, Brittney has a wide variety of interests.

She trains both no gi:

And gi:

She even owns multiple gis including this Summer weave:

Palmer  boasts an excellent 'Upa' Mount escape:

And knows how to roll from the knees. Her Guard is widely believed to be unpassable.*neN1PXhn1gEHG7xrjNy*hKfq9N9FdIBGC*dFQeg/UFCRingGirlBrittneyPalmer9_crop_650x440.jpg

She cross trains widely, in boxing:

In kickboxing, and:

In sparring (here vs. Slygirl):

She also trains as a swimmer, and:

Does firefighter conditioning:

Despite the fact that although Brittney practices it regularly, she cannot quite get the UG sign down ...

...she is never the less the dream girl for everyone who tranes. And she is shortly going to be in Playboy magazine.

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easedel site profile image  

12/11/11 7:01 AM by easedel

Hope they arent air brushed to shit and showing less then a maxim magazine. The lohan pics were blah.

JRemy site profile image  

12/11/11 1:34 AM by JRemy

This is true, you can find the pics for free on google in Feb I'm sure just like the Lindsay Lohan pics are available now.

RedVexx site profile image  

12/11/11 1:23 AM by RedVexx

Why buy it when it will be available online for free before you can find it on the shelf? I doubt many will buy the Lindsay Lohan one considering everyone has already seen her nude and nobody really cares to pay to see her semi nude and air brushed to look like Marilyn Monroe.

JRemy site profile image  

12/11/11 1:11 AM by JRemy

Playboy must not be doing so hot financially if they're giving Lohan a two month double issue just because they're paying her 750K plus the bonus for sales. Palmer can't be making that much off her spread considering some of the recent celebrities that have done playboy with released paychecsk:Heidi Montag: 500k for non-revealing nudityKim Kardashian: 500k nude but only showing boobsJWoww (from Jersey shore) was offered 400k but turned it down and then said she wanted to do it.All three of these are way more widely known than BP, so she would probably only be getting like $100-150k for full frontal, 75-100 for topless, 50 for a Heidi Montag like shoot.She's only slightly more well known than that chick that's the sister of the father of Bristol Palin's kid (don't know her name, but his is Levi Johnson?) and she only got 25k and had a shoot similar to Kardashian.This may seem overly detailed but it's 1am EST and I'm bored and hammered so I had some free time.

nubp site profile image  

12/11/11 12:33 AM by nubp

confirmed! awesome

JRemy site profile image  

12/11/11 12:30 AM by JRemy

confirmed by a Playboy source to Ariel Helwani that she is going to be pictured in and on the cover of the March issue:

MPA site profile image  

12/11/11 12:10 AM by MPA

It's about time. She is playboy material. I would rather see her than Arianni.

JRemy site profile image  

12/10/11 7:58 PM by JRemy

Her spread might actually not be until March...apparently Lohan's issue is for January and February both. We might be waiting til feb for her pics.

OaktownWhiteBoy site profile image  

12/10/11 4:35 PM by OaktownWhiteBoy

Brittney... Palmer's incredible backside

Louisvillain site profile image  

12/10/11 4:32 PM by Louisvillain

Thats what I wanted for the holidays--yay!