Frank Mir: It just crushed like twisting a bag of potato chips

by Jordan Breen | source:

Frank Mir reflected on his submission of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 with’s Jordan Breen.

Honestly I was putting a lot of pressure on, and usually a kimura will pop at the elbow or the shoulder.

It did feel different when it broke.

Like I said when Joe and I were talking, when horsepower technique.

That's the great thing about submissions, you build up your strength and your power in the gym, but it's like having a lever, you want to get the lever in the right spot and use proper technique and then when it's in the right spot you want to jump up and down on it to get as much force as you can into it. It's a good combination of both strength and technique.

So when I grabbed it and started cranking it just crushed like twisting a bag of potato chips.

My brain just told me that wasn't his elbow, so I was confused at first...

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CryLikeAGirl site profile image  

12/13/11 9:29 AM by CryLikeAGirl

Really? I'm a fan of all those guys because they win in the cage. But asking "daddy" to delete people's opinions because you don't agree with them is just plain childish. Refer to my screen name.

Authority Figure site profile image  

12/13/11 8:09 AM by Authority Figure

Frank Mir is a good guy. Father, husband, genuine martial artist. He comes off as intelligent, not arrogant.I think the kind of people that have the most difficulty with him are the ones that understand they aren't very intelligent and don't have much in the way of their own accomplishments. Insecurity.

ArmbarKing site profile image  

12/13/11 6:49 AM by ArmbarKing

Mir is a fucking douchebag, always has been, always will be.

bigD13B site profile image  

12/13/11 6:26 AM by bigD13B


iDaz site profile image  

12/13/11 6:21 AM by iDaz

Me too! lol

MattyECB site profile image  

12/13/11 6:07 AM by MattyECB

lol I can't stand Mir, well no shit you look at it like Nog'S fight to lose. Mir was the first to KO him, and now he's the first to sub him. Get over it, was an amazing subAnd this interviews great, he goes into good technical detail then describes how much force he had lol If you see another interview he puts it well, I have no hard feelings about subbing him, I wish he hadn't gotten hurt because I don't have ill will towards him, but he could've tapped, so I don't feel bad subbing him.

RML site profile image  

12/13/11 5:58 AM by RML

 The UG whines when a guy like GSP says the same boring shit over and over.. but when a fighter is honest the UG calls him a douche.

mmamozza site profile image  

12/13/11 5:54 AM by mmamozza

Kinda like explaining how a dude's wife pussy felt after she just cheated on him with you.

PosterBoysPersonalModerator site profile image  

12/13/11 3:56 AM by PosterBoysPersonalModerator

Great interview Frank described his fight exactly like a saw it