Big Nog doesn't need surgery, GSP does, tomorrow

by Neil Davidson | source:

The UFC is reporting the Big Nog will not need surgery for the break sustained on Saturday night vs. Frank Mir.

Doctor's report: surgery not necessary for Big Nog -he'll have adjustable plastic brace using an ultrasound device 2x/day for 20 mins.

Dr. John Itamura believes Big Nog will be back in the Octagon in no more than 9 months

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Further details were provided by The Canadian Press:

Heavyweight Antonio (Rodrigo) Nogueira was in Los Angeles on Monday, seeing a specialist after suffering a broken arm in a loss to Frank Mir at UFC 140 at Toronto's Air Canada Centre on Saturday night.

The doctor's visit produced some good news for Big Nog.

He'll wear an adjustable plastic brace using an ultrasound device twice a day for 20 minutes. He's expected back in the cage in no more than nine months.

The Brazilian refused to tap to a kimura and his humerus — the bone in his upper arm — broke.

The snap was audible in the cage — referee Herb Dean tweeted "it was very loud" in response to a fan's question.

The Ontario Athletics Commission handed Nogueira a two-month medical suspension, requiring also that he be cleared by an orthopedic surgeon.

The Canadian Press is also reporting that Georges St-Pierre is also in LA for medical care, and that he will going under the knife on Tuesday, for his knee.

The UFC welterweight champion tweeted he is having the surgery at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic.

The 30-year-old mixed martial arts star from Montreal has a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a small tear to his internal meniscus — the fallout from defending a wrestling takedown in practice.

He is expected to be out for some 10 months. Nick Diaz, who was slated to fight St-Pierre on Super Bowl weekend, will instead face Carlos Condit for the interim 170-pound title.

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socal site profile image  

12/13/11 1:10 PM by socal

good news, hope he recovers quickly

MattyECB site profile image  

12/13/11 6:12 AM by MattyECB

HAHAHAH Pork sword, I too laugh at all these ignorant fools. Who are they to think a break would need surgery, what fools and so I laugh

MattyECB site profile image  

12/13/11 6:10 AM by MattyECB

Wait a tic, I thought he was just bein a pus when he pulled outta the fight... strp him anyways

RandyDarsh site profile image  

12/13/11 12:51 AM by RandyDarsh

my thoughts exactly

Pork Sword site profile image  

12/12/11 11:45 PM by Pork Sword

 I laugh at all the people that know NOTHING about health care acting suprised that he doesn't need surgery. Most bone breaks do not require it. The x-ray I saw was a very clean break and will heal on its own with proper guidance and support no problem. I would have been suprised if he needed any sort of extensive surgery. P.S. - I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the internet.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

12/12/11 10:57 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Excuse my ignorance but how does a break like that heal without surgery/plates or rods?

Josh J site profile image  

12/12/11 9:48 PM by Josh J

I had to use an ultrasonic bone growth stimulator once.  My insurance company paid $3000 for it.  I sold it on Ebay for $700 when I was done with it. You hear that Nog? 

Rucking Fetard site profile image  

12/12/11 9:47 PM by Rucking Fetard


irishrottie site profile image  

12/12/11 9:44 PM by irishrottie

breaks are easier to come back from than ligament tears. he will fight again. war nog.

minotauro11 site profile image  

12/12/11 9:41 PM by minotauro11

Good news! War Nog!