GSP: Surgery a huge success


Today UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre underwent surgery to repair his torn ACL. The surgey which cause him to pul out of a scheduled title bout in February vs. Nick Diaz will have him on the shelf for 9-11 months.

The champ, fresh out of surgery tweeted to all his fans:

Dr. ElAttrache says my surgery (ACL patellar tendon autograft) was huge success! Ligament very strong. Tks for support!

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GSP post-surgey


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Dr Violence site profile image  

12/14/11 5:39 PM by Dr Violence

i bet he said yuge instead of huge

Gholmes site profile image  

12/14/11 5:35 PM by Gholmes

Had ACL replacement 2 years ago (cadaver). Explored the options before surgery and talked at length with my surgeon who is also a long time friend. He explained it's the skill of the graft placement more than the graft type itself that matters for long term recovery and performance. Rejection of the cadaver graft is very rare now. Was more of a concern years ago. They use bioabsorbable screws now that disolve over months and your bone naturally bonds to the cadaver bone attached to the ligament. I teach yoga and flexibility limitations from a harvest site (hamstring or patella tendon) were a concern. I need to warm the knee up a little before training now but after that I forget the knee was ever worked on.I also tore my MCL in the same injury. Doctor used a second cadaver graft to attach to my shredded MCL to make that ligament even stronger.It's not the graft type as much as the skill of your surgeon. Get someone who done the surgery countless times.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

12/14/11 3:29 PM by lookoutawhale

hahaha is that dana under the table? hah  

decu68 site profile image  

12/14/11 11:35 AM by decu68

Everybody recovers differently. I had probably 2 days worth of HORRIFIC PAIN other than that it was pain I could deal with. Some ups and downs especially when tweaking while shutter in my sleep that brought on screams, or occasionally tweaking it when moving around from getting up and going to the bathroom, but I would expect nothing less from surgery and I've had quite a few to measure it against.I had the surgery in December of 2006. I was only in bed 2 days otherwise I was in a lazy boy chair playing my 360 (Oblivion) while my wife catered to my every need. I was back to work January 1, 2007. I returned to scheduled appointments with my surgeon in January, February, March, April and May to see my progress. I started physio in January and went 1 to 2 days a week. In later February my surgeon gave me the go ahead to start back weight lifting. In May I was given the go ahead to start training back in TKD and BJJ. In November I took my test for black belt in TKD.I am no where the athlete that GSP is. I had seen my surgeon many times and had seen a physiotherapist for months; GSP will have even greater attention to his recovery. If I could recover in this period of time and be back training than I have no qualms that GSP will be back later 2012 healthy.

decu68 site profile image  

12/14/11 11:24 AM by decu68

He had the surgery in Southern California, how much more American do you want it?

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

12/14/11 11:06 AM by Cyril Jeff


Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

12/14/11 10:39 AM by Hugo Stiglitz

I am not impressed by your weak performance at being a funny man

Anek site profile image  

12/14/11 10:27 AM by Anek

For Quadbeak:

Anek site profile image  

12/14/11 10:26 AM by Anek

For Quadbeak:

Anarkis site profile image  

12/14/11 10:18 AM by Anarkis

How long until he comes to America to get his knee fixed?