Bendo ready to exploit Edgar's weaknesses

by Duane Finley | source:

A recent guest on HeavyMMA’s Fight Day, Henderson talked about the matchup with Edgar.

"His last four fights have come against two opponents, so we had to go back a little further," Henderson said. "He's changed a lot over that time, and we've had to use what we're given. We've definitely looked for weaknesses in those four fights. He doesn’t kick a whole lot and he’s not used to guys kicking at him. We definitely have to take a look and see where his weaknesses are, and if it happens to be the kicking then I’ll exploit that for sure.

“I think I’ll have a little bit of a size advantage. But I’ve never rolled with him or wrestled against him, so I don’t know how strong he is. But I’ll use every advantage I have, be it size, strength, speed or quickness. If he’s slacking on his submission or grappling game, I’ll try to take advantage of that also."

Their bout will be the main event for UFC 144, which will take place at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. While this will be the UFC’s long-awaited return to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” the sport has a tremendous foundation in the Japanese culture.

"I’m really excited to be going over to Japan with the UFC for the first time under the Zuffa ownership," Henderson said. "The fans over there are really excited. When I went over there two weeks, ago it was crazy.

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mugatu site profile image  

12/20/11 7:19 PM by mugatu

  Bendo has really brought his game to a new level.  He comes out looking to destroy people now in a way I'm not sure was there before the loss to Pettis.   I can see this fight going either way, its got FOTY written all over it.

RandyDarsh site profile image  

12/20/11 6:45 PM by RandyDarsh

Bendo can't take a shot like Edgar, edgars got this, especially if bendo decides to bulk up even more (bad idea)

Gaspare site profile image  

12/16/11 1:15 AM by Gaspare

  NOT counting Frankie out, but I have Benson by Rd 2-3 Sub: I think Ben's size AND speed will be a problem for Edgar, im counting this together not saying Ben is faster but the combination of both is something that Frankie has never delt with before. Cardio for both is about the same, although Frankie has better striking he doesn't use kicks nearly as much as Ben (in Frankie's last 4 fights he didn't have to worry about that)  I think its all the little thing's that Bendo brings to that table that will get him the W! either way should be a WAR

King777 site profile image  

12/16/11 12:46 AM by King777

Edgar by tko in the 5th

mclifford82 site profile image  

12/16/11 12:44 AM by mclifford82

Frankie is always impressing me, but I'll give this to Henderson. He's more aggressive and I feel that will be the deciding factor.

jjj2121 site profile image  

12/16/11 12:34 AM by jjj2121


The Sultan site profile image  

12/16/11 12:15 AM by The Sultan

 going to be a cool fight...bendo's aggressive as hell and that makes for exciting fights.

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

12/16/11 12:09 AM by Large Fun Bags

Rooting for edgar

dante rivera site profile image  

12/15/11 11:32 PM by dante rivera

for those of you who are doubting frankies jiu jitsu are in for a big surprise

Chromium site profile image  

12/15/11 11:26 PM by Chromium

Frankie:-Better boxing-Insane cardio-Faster of the two-Better footwork-Very good gameplannerBendo:-Better jiu-jitsu-Theoretically better wrestling-Better with kicks-Theoretically stronger in the clinch-Reach advantageGood match-up and neither one has a huge hole in his game.