Should Zuffa send BJ Penn to Strikeforce?

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

If Dana White won't bring Gilbert Melendez to the UFC, he should bring the UFC to Melendez. Or at least, someone for him to fight. After beating Jorge Masvidal at last night's Strikeforce event in San Diego, what more is there for him to do? Who else is there for him to beat? What matchup are fans clamoring to see? The answers are nothing, no one and none.

Melendez is a top five fighter with nothing left to prove in the division as it stands right now. He's beaten Masvidal, Shinya Aoki and Josh Thomson, three of the best lightweights outside of the UFC, but there's no signed fighter in the division who has truly earned the right to face one of the best. Sure there are fighters like KJ Noons and Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante with some name value, but both of those guys have won exactly one fight in a row.

Solution: Bring someone over from the UFC to fight him. It doesn't have to be the champion. Bring one of the many quality guys over to challenge him. I have just the guy. He's a big name, he can bring attention to the promotion, and he offers the instant credibility that only a former UFC champion can provide. Bring over BJ Penn to fight Melendez.

Right now, Penn is on a break from fighting. He's home in Hilo, Hawaii spending time with his family after his hard-fought loss to Nick Diaz in October. But Penn does plan to fight again, and he even said that he'd be willing to rematch Diaz.

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Luda54 site profile image  

12/21/11 12:47 PM by Luda54

Well said! Penn would outclass him standing and fuck with him like he did Jens on the ground, personally I'd love to see it too!

SK3N site profile image  

12/20/11 3:48 PM by SK3N

Zuffa should give Melendez a shot in the UFC! Personally couldnt see BJ going to Strikeforce!

mtgclemson site profile image  

12/20/11 1:43 PM by mtgclemson

 This thread should be deleted this shit is a fn  disgrace 

mtgclemson site profile image  

12/20/11 1:39 PM by mtgclemson

Can't believe anybody is dumb Enough to suggest sending Penn to sforce 

Official Chambermaid of the UKTT site profile image  

12/20/11 1:30 PM by Official Chambermaid of the UKTT

 lauzon and dunham should stay.

KTFOd site profile image  

12/20/11 1:25 PM by KTFOd

Send over the following to Strikeforce:1. Florian2. G-Sots3. Sherk4. Lauzon5. Dunham

Silverball site profile image  

12/20/11 12:15 PM by Silverball

Threads like this really play to the many BJ haters out there. Why should BJ go to Strikeforce again? I think you could do a lot worse than losing decisions to two consensus top ten pound for pound fighters like Edgar and Diaz, not to mention the draw against the guy who is widely recognized as the number two welterweight in the world (also included on some top ten P4P lists), Jon Fitch.Realistically, if BJ hadn't announced his retirement after the Diaz fight, then he'd still be ranked top ten among UFC welterweights, even though he's best at lightweight. BJ deserves more respect than what I'm seeing of late, and this is from a guy who was very critical of his strength and conditioning issues post Marinovich brothers.

glasscasket site profile image  

12/20/11 11:30 AM by glasscasket

What kind of bullshit is this? This would be such a disgrace to BJ. Not to mention, he would mop the floor with Gil.

superbradman site profile image  

12/20/11 11:22 AM by superbradman

Maybe sending BJ to Strikeforce is an insult. Maybe it's an opportunity for him to resuscitate a dying brand. I'm a big fan of Strikeforce as a feeder org for the UFC, but I think Zuffa will have to take chances to get ratings now that Fedor (SF's biggest draw) is off the roster. BJ's all but done anyway. What happens if he goes to SF and brings attention to those lesser known fighters? The only one with anything to lose is BJ.

Armbar-B-Cutie site profile image  

12/20/11 11:07 AM by Armbar-B-Cutie

Maynard, or Florian. Maybe even miller or guillard- top guys who were on way to getting title shot.