Davis: Rashad and I are known for wrestling, but only one of us has it

source: prommanow.com

"I think he's the same old Rashad, which is very dangerous, very skilled. He's definitely gotten better over the years but I think he's the same old guy."

"The problem is that we're both known for excellent wrestling, but only one of us actually has it. So, I'm thinking about using the wrestling and mixing it up and doing what I can."

"There is no point in my career where I plan on abandoning my wrestling. It's always a part of my game plan. It's who I am. It's my strong suit. That is something that I am going into fight making my opponent respect."

"I definitely want to sharpen up my wrestling, so it looks crisp ... and my striking. Rashad Evans is a pretty good striker and I want to be prepared for that. And lastly I gotta stay strong in jiu-jitsu because the fight will go there and I can't let Rashad stand back up."

"How good is Rashad's jiu-jitsu on his back? I don't know but we'll find out."

"I like Rashad as a person, he's a family man, he's a good guy."


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Anarkis site profile image  

12/22/11 1:48 PM by Anarkis

Rashad is good at clinching people against the cage. But he does not have some amazing takedown defense.

Jetster site profile image  

12/22/11 1:38 PM by Jetster

I never said Nog was easy to take down, just sayin' he had a hard time and How many times do we need to go over this, Credentials are not the only determining factor in MMA when it comes to being a better wrestler, it's how you can combine all the facets of the game and Rashad has become very very good at this, Now I guess we will see if Phil is at that level.

ds1970 site profile image  

12/22/11 1:09 PM by ds1970


Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

12/22/11 12:46 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

You have to be pretty stupid if you think Rashad is planning on taking Davis down. Why the fuck would he? Davis hits like a girlRashad is going to Chuck Liddell his ass

Anarkis site profile image  

12/22/11 12:41 PM by Anarkis

Phil did take Nog down in the first round....

Jamiee site profile image  

12/22/11 12:09 PM by Jamiee

^well saidand even if Rashad's takedowns are more effective in MMA, what does that have to do in their head-to-head matchup when Rashad can't takedown Davis? (who is one of the best defensive wrestlers in college wrestling history)Also there's more to wrestling than takedowns. Phil Davis excels in TDD, scrambles and transitions. If Rashad tries to do his usual "boxing combo/push against the cage/initiate takedowns" in his next fight, Davis is likely to hit a switch and put Rashad in an unfavorable position.

Sephiroth site profile image  

12/22/11 12:05 PM by Sephiroth

 The next time I see someone type that Davis wrestling isn't that good because he couldn't take Nog down in round 1 I'm going to gouge my eyes out. Welcome to mma fandom. Yes even though Davis dominated absolutely everyone else with takedowns and submissions means nothing because he couldn't take down a guy he had trained with and taught wrestling to for over a year. I mean it's not like other solid wrestlers like Bader and Tito also really struggled to take Nog down(oh wait). I hold no false pretense. Rashad must be the favorite in this fight but to say he has better mma wrestling is pretty fucking retarded.

Anarkis site profile image  

12/22/11 11:42 AM by Anarkis

Name someone who easily took down Nog in the first round? Davis did end up taking him down.

Jetster site profile image  

12/22/11 11:26 AM by Jetster

This is not a wrestling match and i would strongly argue rashad's MMA wrestling is better than davis's...davis did have a lot of trouble with lil' nog and taking him down....soooo