Nog: Ref's warning is why I went for submission


“Last Saturday I fought and lost via submission for the first time in my career, it was a bad feeling, but it’s part of the sport. Everything that happens in a fight is quick and the fighter acts most based on his instincts and reflexes than on his mind. I knew I made a mistake as I tried to submit on a fight where I could have won by KO. But when Frank Mir was practically knocked out I heard the judge as me to stop punching him at the neck and that exactly when I tried to choke him. Mir put himself together and must be congratulated for submitting me. I checked the videos and I wasn’t hitting him on the neck, but on Mir’s side of the head, which is allowed”, revealed Rodrigo, who’s now focusing on recovering to overcome the most exceptional obstacle of his career.

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semtex0809 site profile image  

12/27/11 9:19 AM by semtex0809

Excuses ... Take a L dude

Morgz site profile image  

12/27/11 8:24 AM by Morgz

 All that really needs quoting from the article.

ufcman187 site profile image  

12/26/11 11:21 PM by ufcman187

I thought his last name was Nogera not Gracie. You lost brother. You are a legend, nobody is judging you. 1st time when Mir was the 1st to knocked you out it was " I was sick " or something, Now that he was the 1st to submit you and it's " the ref said I was punching him on the neck " If Dana brings you back I say good. I love watching you, but then again you might want to take a page from cro-cop

RLL site profile image  

12/23/11 4:26 PM by RLL

You may be on to something. He munched on Carwins uppercuts over and over, like "hey no biggie im fine", then all of a sudden he is face down on the canvas.

LilRoyNelson site profile image  

12/23/11 3:45 PM by LilRoyNelson

Thank you.....this is exactly correct

LilRoyNelson site profile image  

12/23/11 3:43 PM by LilRoyNelson

Same to you.....YA DIG.....Nog is just a washed up worthless fighter that got owned at what he is supposedly good at.....HAHA......shows that certain people get their black belt and still try to improve and others believe a black belt is the end of the road

JoelN site profile image  

12/23/11 1:01 PM by JoelN

Imo, mir does that due to his subconscious arrogance. Perhaps he thinks that if he defends against the punches, kicks...etc, then he is acknowledging the other persons effectiveness. See the thumbs-up nonsense he pulled while being utterly destroyed by Brock. He chose to spend energy trying to show everyone he was ok instead of trying to defend.

InspiritMick site profile image  

12/23/11 1:00 PM by InspiritMick

Nog is right, I noticed at the time. Jew fro rescued Mir

bryanand site profile image  

12/23/11 12:41 PM by bryanand

"This is true. I have seen Frank turn his head into the punches, like they don't hurt, and then just eat punch after punch... Lesnar, Carwin, Nog. It's very weird that he stays so still and doesn't try to avoid getting hit during these crucial moments"Ian Freeman fight was probably the best example of this, he willingly took 50 flush punches to the face going for a leg lock. Then when he tried to walk later on he was doing the drunken sailor. Dude does not protect his face.

kanotoa site profile image  

12/23/11 11:42 AM by kanotoa

2nd time Mir got saved by the refs.