Wand: Shogun can beat Jones

by Gleidson Vega | source: sherdog.com

Sherdog.com: You have always said that you do not like Belfort very much. Do you think your rivalry will be as strong during the season

Silva: No, times are different. I met him and apologized. Once in Las Vegas, I was disrespectful. I went back to old times and talked some nonsense. Then I apologized and admitted I had done wrong. You have to be man enough to take responsibility. It’s alright now, and we’ll solve it the way we have to: by trading punches (laughs). I have the best job in the world. I can go in there, settle my differences the best way possible and still make some money.

Sherdog.com: What are your thoughts on how UFC light heavyweight champion Jones has performed?

Silva: It has been impressive. [Lyoto] Machida did the best so far. He won the first round and landed more blows.

Sherdog.com: Do you think the fight between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Henderson at UFC 139 should have been ruled a draw?

Silva: I think so. I think there should be a rematch. I wanted the rematch yesterday. Shogun did not have his best night, although he fought well. He fought with heart. Against Forrest [Griffin at UFC 134], he was at 70 or 80 percent. Against “Hendo,” he was 50 to 60 percent. He stayed in the fight because he’s a phenom, but he was far from his best. Shogun has a lot to revamp in his training. Everyone believes he can beat anyone at 100 percent, so he has to go into these fights at 100 percent. I was sad about his loss. I went into the locker room and saw him hurting. It broke my heart because he didn’t have to go through that. And Hendo cannot take three rounds from Shogun. I’ve trained with Mauricio and faced Hendo twice. Shogun is the most talented guy I’ve ever seen. I was watching video of the Pride Shogun and saw a strong Shogun. Under these conditions, he can defeat Jones. He’s the guy to beat the champion, but he has to be 100 percent.

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Nubinatub site profile image  

12/26/11 5:37 PM by Nubinatub

Shogun at 100% lost to dan henderson lolz

Deaf Forever site profile image  

12/26/11 5:23 PM by Deaf Forever

Shogun is the new BJ Penn.

heroder site profile image  

12/25/11 11:25 PM by heroder

lol at Alistair being a elite LHW and also Alistair tearing Chucks ass apart at first.face the facts most the UFC LHW division during the era of Pride were second rate and have shown to be now.Chuck, Tito, babalu and Couture are done and have been done for yearsDuring the time they were doneShogun, Rampage, hendo, Lil Nog, are top LHWsonly good LHW left from the original LHW UFC roster is Vlady

Wasa-B site profile image  

12/25/11 11:16 PM by Wasa-B

Rampage showed Wand the UFC is where its at it, no doubt. And Wand was just ripping it prior to his UFC alright.Just stop already, foob/noob/whatever rock you just crawled out from under to pretend to know this sport.

Floppy Divac site profile image  

12/25/11 2:02 AM by Floppy Divac

 "Shogun is washed up. Only fanboys won't recognize it. Nobody at 205 stands a chance to beat Bones Jones. That's why Chael Sonnen needs to jump up from 185 and take on Jon." lol, fanboy says whaaat?

brahmabull81 site profile image  

12/24/11 11:05 PM by brahmabull81

"Reality hurts buddy. I wonder what the combined total record for Pride fighters in the UFC has been? It's pretty terrible, even if you use Anderson to throw off the curve."People with 11' join dates shouldnt talk about Pride. At all.So fuckface, whats the record post-Pride of all the UFC champs that were dominant in that same era? Pretty fucking bad as well. They ALL aged and were past their prime. You need to stop expressing your false, uneducated opinion. Reality does hurt, though.

chauda site profile image  

12/24/11 10:04 PM by chauda

Hi Chael.

stonepony site profile image  

12/24/11 6:30 PM by stonepony

Reality hurts buddy. I wonder what the combined total record for Pride fighters in the UFC has been? It's pretty terrible, even if you use Anderson to throw off the curve.

stonepony site profile image  

12/24/11 6:15 PM by stonepony

BTW, what happened to Wanderlei after he was smashed and chased out of the UFC? Oh, he went to Pride to dominate as a mega-star. What happened when he came back? Same thing that happened to almost all of them, he has struggled. But, you keep telling yourself that it's a big coincidence that they were all magically suddenly old the moment they left Pride.And, BTW, wWhat happened when Fedor left Pride again? He was suddenly, magically, old. A big coincidence.You point to one example of a UFC fighter losing on roid-Island, while ignoring the examples of UFC fighters winning in Pride (like, for example, Chuck ripping Alistair's head off?)...How many fighters were there in Pride? If it was such a talent stacked organization, where did they all go? Why have only a few made the cut? I know, I know, they were all magically old the moment that Pride died. Big coincidence.

heroder site profile image  

12/24/11 5:15 PM by heroder

im a fool? lol youre fucking idiot this is MMA not WWE. So anything can happen which makes you the fool