Wife of celeb chef Tony Bourdain taps out man

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This then is the slowest story of the year.

Doug Quint, owner of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East Village had a grappling match in his shop vs Ottavia Bourdain, wife of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The event was in celebration of Festivus, and to raise money for New York Cares.

Bourdain is admittedly obsessed with MMA, and studies BJJ at Muay Thai at Renzo Gracie's in Manhattan. She insisted her husband get UFC 132 tickets "close enough for blood spray" as he put it, and then threatening divorce if he bet on Cruz over Faber. When Faber lost, she consoled herself with a large meal.

The couple share matching tattoos:


Obligatory shaka:

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DSaint site profile image  

12/29/11 9:02 PM by DSaint

 She's Italian or Sardinian one or the other.

JediMMA site profile image  

12/29/11 8:06 PM by JediMMA

I informed her about the post. She's not bothered by the shit talk. I've seen her train jiu jitsu. She's legittt.

caliphornia site profile image  

12/26/11 5:58 PM by caliphornia

Lol@ this nonsenseBourdain IS the producer and he IS thr writer.So whatever "cool" the show has... Is due to the man himself. HE is the show, and he is the reason it's cool.

Art Corvelay site profile image  

12/26/11 4:05 PM by Art Corvelay

I would absolutely love to have his job, but I'm surprised he hasn't had a public relapse with that lifestyle of travel and transition.They have absolutely created a character of cool with his show, but that's likely to be more an issue of producers and writers, rather than the man himself. I've said it before, but Bourdain clowns on himself plenty, exposing his own lameness where it exists, and I think that's a very respectable risk for a personality to take.

sside maurice site profile image  

12/26/11 3:57 PM by sside maurice

Bourdain travels for free, eating the best food his producers can find and hanging with the most respected chefs in the world. Meanwhile, he writes books, stars in multiple TV shows, and does paid speaking gigs. He also makes royalties off of his old books and old TV shows. So, yeah, I'm sure he's doing just fine financially.

sloppy2nds site profile image  

12/26/11 3:20 PM by sloppy2nds

 Bourdain's wife seems cool as shit.  She's not hot but, sexy and confident.  He has enough celebrity to bang much  younger and more attractive women, but seems to have a real person to be with instead.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

12/26/11 9:31 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Bourdain is a wealthy man. He doesn't have a restaurant empire, he has fun and gets paid well.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

12/26/11 9:24 AM by Bobby Lupo


Mad Xyientist site profile image  

12/26/11 9:20 AM by Mad Xyientist

what is this i don't even

junon site profile image  

12/26/11 9:06 AM by junon

fans of No Reservations should check out The Layover which is his new show.