UFC: Ludwig holds the fastest KO record; NSAC: Not Ludwig

by Chris Palmquist | source: twitter.com

At UFC 140, Chan Sung Jung tied the 'official fastest KO in UFC history' with his 0:07 second KO of Mark Hominick. The knockout tied that previous 'official record' of Todd Duffe's of Tim Hague at UFC 102. However, most hard core fans credit Duane 'Bang' Ludwig with the actual fastest KO in UFC history in his 2006 win over Jonathan Goulet. Unfortunately, the official time keeper marked the time 0:11 seconds, although the KO itself but not the ref stoppage had happened at the 0:04 second mark.

Rampant internet discussion aside, Duane Ludwig officially petitioned the Nevada State Athletic Commission to review the bout to determine the actual time for the end of the bout.

Today, the UFC President Dana White tweeted that indeed the record would now belong to Ludwig:

@DUANEBANGCOM @ufc and for x mas you have the fastest KO in UFC history and it will be changed ASAP

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Update: Today MMAJunkie spoke to Nevada State Athletic Director Keith Kizer, who says the bout will never be changed and the official time will stay at 0:11 seconds.

Time stands still, however, for the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

"The ruling is that it stays at 11," NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer today told MMAjunkie.com "There's no legal avenue to overturn it."

But Nevada’s Attorney General declined the appeal this past month.

"I did tell his people," Kizer said. "I timed it myself with a stopwatch. It was eight seconds. Officially, it's got to stay at 11 seconds, but unofficially, it could be at eight."


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JTB007 site profile image  

12/29/11 9:19 AM by JTB007

DAMN!!! you've discovered our secret.... you'll have to conveniently disappear now :)

Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

12/28/11 8:48 PM by Fraser_Finlay


Masakyst site profile image  

12/28/11 8:43 PM by Masakyst

Irrefutable proof that all Canadians have glass chins. Explains why Serra was able to KO GSP so easily a few years back. Inferior chin genetics.

Radio Raheem site profile image  

12/28/11 8:20 PM by Radio Raheem


JTB007 site profile image  

12/28/11 8:08 PM by JTB007

congrats Bang!one observation that no one has seemed to pick up on is that all three combatants on the wrong end of those 3 contending fastest KO's Dana analyzed in his blog are Canadian.Tim HagueMark HominickJonathon Gouletand i'm Canadian and proud. just found this strange!!??!i smell conspiracy..... even if there isn't one, that's the story i'm going with.

Fillthy site profile image  

12/28/11 7:29 PM by Fillthy

“Sounds like they want to be the WBC for some reason.”Keith is so clever.

Radio Raheem site profile image  

12/28/11 7:18 PM by Radio Raheem


Dr Violence site profile image  

12/27/11 4:56 PM by Dr Violence

Keith Kizer is an honorable man, and yes it's true, if he tries to rectify one error he will be inundated with requests to fix all the other errors, which is just too much stuff to fix and would cause the commission to collapse

Devlin site profile image  

12/27/11 10:18 AM by Devlin

Yea i mean imagine oif the commission actually had to do some proper fucking work. Always tried to be respectful but seriously fuck keith kizer he's pathetic.

Radio Raheem site profile image  

12/27/11 9:29 AM by Radio Raheem

Yeah god forbid if the Commissions would do the right thing when they fuck up. And they wouldn't overturn the outcomes of fights, they would make them no-contests.