Fitch: I'm smoother than Hendricks

by Sergio Non | source:

On paper, it seems like you and Johny Hendricks have a somewhat similar style, with a strong wrestling base and some striking mixed in. How much would you agree with that surface impression?

I think I'm a little bit smoother with mixing my stand-up and wrestling together. I think I'm a much better submission guy than him; I think I've got better jiu-jitsu.

I've got a ton more experience in the fight game. He's an outstanding wrestler, but I think my experience just in MMA and the fight game is what's going to overwhelm him in the fight.

You just mentioned your submissions. We haven't seen that from you very often. How much would you like to apply those skills in the future?

I do it when I can. I think it's difficult when you have opponents who are in the fight to not be finished, and they're not really fighting to win.

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Recent Comments »

Kanabull site profile image  

12/31/11 2:01 AM by Kanabull

Real smooth Jonny Boy.

Leghound site profile image  

12/27/11 3:31 PM by Leghound

If he finishes on Friday it would be a miracle

r_o_y site profile image  

12/27/11 3:23 PM by r_o_y

i was a fan of his and i guess i still am. i'm not sure what is up with him. he has the tools i swear but he won't use them i don't know. i thought he could have tkoed penn,it seemed like penn was done,it was a wrap. who knows though i'm not a fighter so who knows what is going on in fitch's head. your right i don't think he will finish another fight.

guitarra site profile image  

12/27/11 6:41 AM by guitarra

I wouldn't be surprised if Hendricks outwrestled Fitch. He doesn't exactly have the best defensive wrestling

Donald Rice Cerrone site profile image  

12/27/11 5:03 AM by Donald Rice Cerrone

I Hendricks has a real good shot to win this. Fitch maybe can't get him down/keep him down. Johnny might be able to win the standup and get some good shots off...also LOL at fitch critizing anyone for fighting "not to lose" but "not to win". REALLY jon??? you trollin?

Kanabull site profile image  

12/27/11 4:01 AM by Kanabull

You can't hate on Fitch for getting his paycheck. If he ever wants to make some big cheddar, everybody including him knows what he has to do. Until then he can keep picking up medium paydays with UD's.

mrmetoo site profile image  

12/27/11 3:38 AM by mrmetoo

Even his interviews are better than nyquil

Chiron site profile image  

12/27/11 3:33 AM by Chiron

Fitch is delusional. He just refuses to accept the fact that the reason he can't finish anyone is because he focuses on control and doesn't do anything to threaten them. No fighter lets another fighter finish them. The fighters who are good at finishing go for it. Fitch doesn't have, or at least is afraid to use, finishing skills. It has nothing to do with the opponents "fighting not to get finished". That's the stupidest spin on reality in the world of MMA.

Nick Diaz Fan site profile image  

12/26/11 7:05 PM by Nick Diaz Fan