UFC 141 Pros pick Overeem 7-2

source: mmainterviews


Wanderlei Silva: OVEREEM.  Brock closes his eyes when he gets hit. But Brock on top is not fun, he's a beast, so you never know.
Jorge Lopez: OVEREEM. I agree. You've sen it with Cain, you've seen it with Shane, as soon as he got hit, he started hiding his face.
Manny Gamburyan: LESNAR. Brock Lesnar by stoppage, striking or submission in the first or second round
Martin Kampmann: Comes down to can Overeem stuff the shot.
Kevin Randleman: OVEREEM. I'm giving a slight edge to Overeem, but if it goes down (to the mat, it's over)
Rafael Cordeiro: OVEREEM. He's a fighter. Brock Lesnar is jsut starting his career right now.
Vitor Belfort: OVEREEM. He's been through wars, and has more skills standing, he has all the gifts to get the belt.
Nam PhanLESNAR. Overeem becasue he eats horse meat; no, I'm just kidding. Lesnar, I'm not sure Overeeem's fought a wrestler of Brock's caliber. He can just lay on him, stall him out for five rounds.
Gilbert Melendez: You'll know within the first two minutes.
Gegard Mousasi: OVEREEM. People underestimate how strong Overeem is. He is as strong or even maybe stronger than Brock.
Brad Tavares: OVEREEM. Overeem is on a roll, Brock coming back from unfortunate sickness.

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Jamiee site profile image  

12/27/11 4:36 PM by Jamiee

Javier Mendez has it spot on.Brock likely gets the takedown. But keeping Overeem down will be the biggest challenge.I see Overeem scrambling back up and stuffing subsequent TD attempts from Brock, which admittedly is highly reliant on strength with minimal set-up. Brock doesn't have much of a strength advantage against Alistair.

Large Fun Bags site profile image  

12/27/11 2:25 PM by Large Fun Bags

 We've seen it many times before, when strikers are worried about getting taken down their striking is tentative

Zeph site profile image  

12/27/11 2:20 PM by Zeph

Werdum just fell on his arse everytime he tried to strike with him and Overeem was too cautious to go to the ground. Overeem would have no problem with brock if he employed the same strategy, so I believe that is an unfair comparison.

OaktownWhiteBoy site profile image  

12/27/11 2:13 PM by OaktownWhiteBoy

Lesnar takes him down and will lay on him until stood up. Then Overeem will time Brock's shot and nail with a knee & Brock will cover up and get stopped.

ChiTown Philly site profile image  

12/27/11 1:58 PM by ChiTown Philly

Last time I seen this many picks go one way it came out the exact opposite. But who the fuck am I. Happy New Year to all you creeps out there

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/27/11 1:54 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 i dont think reem will be able to let his hands go while defending takedowns. he didnt box up werdum too badly...

rosario00 site profile image  

12/27/11 1:54 PM by rosario00

iPhone please