Overeem: No one in the division can strike with me

by Alistair Overeem | source: sports.yahoo.com

The fight has been promoted as the biggest two athletes in UFC history fighting for the No. 1 contender spot in the heavyweight division. It has also been promoted as a classic “striker vs. wrestler” battle, based on me being, if I may say so, one on the best, if not the best, strikers in the division and Brock almost certainly being the best wrestler in the UFC’s top division.

However, I don’t necessarily agree it is that simple.

While he doesn’t have world-class technique, Mr. Lesnar is a big man who can punch, and I have trained to avoid Lesnar’s strikes like I would any opponent. I will never give an opponent a chance he cannot create for himself by not preparing for any situation. It is not only about respecting Mr. Lesnar, but also respecting myself and the sport.

I’m an all-around fighter. I do everything. I’ve got wrestling, I’ve got submissions and I’ve got striking. Of course, I like to knock people out – and that is the plan Friday – and my striking is something that I focused on because I wanted to be the first MMA champion to also win the K-1 kickboxing Grand Prix, which I did a year ago. Obviously my strikes were my best weapons even before K-1, but they got a lot better because of the K-1 competition.

Right now, I don’t feel anyone in the division can strike with me, but this is MMA and I have prepared very hard for any eventuality.

There’s a chance I could use a submission. This fight isn’t just a case of my strikes against his wrestling, I have won big fights with submissions, and while I think every fighter prefers to win by KO, at this level you take any chance to win.

There are lots of little distractions, but none of them will affect the result. When I’m looking in Brock Lesnar’s eyes, I won’t be thinking about missing a training session because there was a miscommunication about my drug test.

This fight is scheduled for five rounds, and I have trained for five, but I personally think I will win in the first round. I will knock Brock Lesnar out. Second round at the latest. I never underestimate anyone, and Mr Lesnar is a former UFC world champion, but this is it, the chance to send a message to my fans, my critics and to UFC fans who maybe haven’t seen too much of me yet. All the talk, all the would-be distractions, all the training and the hours in the gym and on the mat – it all comes down to Friday night.

He wants it, I want it. One shall stand, one shall fall.

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ON FRIDAY Alistair Overeem fights Brock Lesnar in the UFC 141 main event, live on PPV.


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eljamaiquino site profile image  

12/30/11 10:45 AM by eljamaiquino

omg! this is pure fantasy. cain got dropped multiple times by kongo on 2 weeks notice. Jds sent him to Nod in under 1 round. Cain's pace makes him look good but he really has weak defense. How can you think that Cain who got mauled by the 2 strikers he fought can hang with a k1 champ who beat Spong & Saki?

The_Spider site profile image  

12/30/11 10:36 AM by The_Spider

The bottom line is there are UFC HW fighters who can strike with Overeem. Claiming he is the best striker is simply false. He needs to prove it in the UFC on multiple occasions like JDS and Cain have been doing for years.

RJJH site profile image  

12/30/11 10:10 AM by RJJH

 is that going to be his excuse tonight when he gets lit the fuck up? Overoid is such an overhyped fighter its unbelieveable. I would type volumes about how much he sucks, and how much you people swing off his black euro nuts, but I dont want to get the 30 day ban....again.....again. (yes, twice since being here for "bashing" overoid) tonight Brock will bring balance back to the MMA universe.

Dogman site profile image  

12/30/11 9:53 AM by Dogman

OK SMART ASS SHOW US HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT MMA, FUCKING CUNT..Jabs set up powershots real strikers know this you stupid vaginal wart!

yomamafool site profile image  

12/30/11 9:42 AM by yomamafool

overeem claimed he was injured in the werdum fight hence the poor action

brianmma site profile image  

12/29/11 9:48 PM by brianmma

Alistair The Reem Overeem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmXiE5tWvLE

sunnyko site profile image  

12/29/11 9:31 PM by sunnyko

Dogman has now In short... Publicly said "I do not understand Mma" Give him a round of applause! It takes guts to know you'll look like an idiot by posting how you feel and following through with it!*golf clap*

haya1340 site profile image  

12/29/11 9:05 PM by haya1340

This shit is hilarious for a sight full of informed fans this thread fell short. REEM has the best striking hands whatever you want to call it and if JDS, Cain, Brock or anyone decides to stand with him they'll probaly end up in a coma like a few already have.And if Werdum is your only ammunition check REEM'S injuries he was fighting with and never used them as an excuse and at the end of the day the guy had a bad fight who doesn't have one or two of those. But dude knocked out BADR thats all you have to say end of discusion.

Combat Vette site profile image  

12/29/11 8:14 PM by Combat Vette

This is the poll at the bottom of the article you provided the link to. Who has a better chance of beating Junior Dos Santos? Brock Lesnar   49% Alistair Overeem   51% TOTAL VOTES: 2804  Latest results

OaktownWhiteBoy site profile image  

12/29/11 8:07 PM by OaktownWhiteBoy

Dec 29, 2011Lesnar, Overeem bring style clash to UFC 141http://www.usatoday.com/sports/mma/post/2011-12-29/lesnar-overeem-ufc-141-/593751/1