JDS: I'll be training in 10 days

source: tatame.com

When asked about how he felt to share the same room at a recent charity event with Mir, Junior Dos Santos stated: “I didn’t even talk to him. I said hi to Mir because he said to me before.” JDS also claimed not to be upset about the outcome of the fight between Mir and Nogueira. “I just think it was a complicated fight for all Brazilians, mainly for us at Team Nogueira. (Big Nog) had the win in his hands and with Frank Mir knocked out in front of him, and, for some reason, he didn’t keep punching him, he tried to fit a guillotine choke and Frank Mir was lucky enough to grab his arm, and grabbed the chance when he had one."

“The problem was that he broke Rodrigo’s arm, and he has just recovered, and now he’ll stay some time off. But we know it already, I know what it’ll be the result of it: Rodrigo will comeback and bring much joy to all of us."

“I don’t need to revenge him. I guess there’s no such thing, I guess (Big Nog) can do it himself. But I confess I have never picked out opponents and I won’t, but if someday I fight Frank Mir, absolutely it’d be an interesting fight."

"I know I’ll have a good start in 2012, but I can’t wait to train again."

“There’re 17 days I’ve gone through the surgery and I’m feeling fine. I just got to regain confidence and train again, but in 10 days I’ll be training normally."

“It’s a tough fight for the both (Brock and Overeem). I’m saying it’ll be 50-50, but Brock has more chances on the beginning of the fight because he’s more explosive and goes for it."

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Yossarian's Ball Buffer site profile image  

12/30/11 6:57 PM by Yossarian's Ball Buffer

I'm a fan of Mir and would like to see him get another crack at the belt!

HELWIG site profile image  

12/30/11 6:52 PM by HELWIG

 Ive had a strange feeling for the last several weeks that Mir will get a crack at the belt again and beat JDS similar to how the Hardonk fight played out. If he does, his career will get a rocket up its ass in terms of overall accomplishment in the eyes of historians. For ANY legit criticism of Mir, he came back from a horrible injury layoff. As well as several very bad beatings and had clawed his way back to the point where he's right there for a title shot. EVERY matchup involving Mir is interesting. Mir/Cain Mir/Carwin II Mir/JDS As well as having given us by far the BEST facial expressions ever seen at HW.

Mr Cox site profile image  

12/30/11 6:41 PM by Mr Cox

and goes for it!

Yossarian's Ball Buffer site profile image  

12/30/11 6:41 PM by Yossarian's Ball Buffer