Overeem: I predicted Liver kick finish

by Mike Whitman | source: sherdog.com

Muhammad Ali, the most famous fighter in history, was famous for predicting when he would end fights. Usually they were specific: "I say it again, and I said it before. Archie Moore will fall in round four." Moore was indeed stopped in the fourth round.

Although he didn't do it in poetry, Alistair Overeem did indeed predict the round, and by his telling at the post fight press confernece, even how the fight ended - a surgically placed K-1 Liver kick, followed up by a flurry on the downed wrestler, capped with a single, final looping shot to the belly that convinced referee Mario Yamasaki to put a stop to the pain.

“The funny thing was I predicted the [fight’s finish] the evening before, to my fiancé,” Overeem explained. “I said, ‘First I’m gonna do this, then I’m gonna do that, and I’m gonna finish it with a liver kick.’ I don’t know if it’s luck or if it’s strategy, but it just turned out that way, and I’m happy that it did.”

“[Lesnar] hasn’t fought in a long time, so I think he upgraded his game. That is what every fighter should do. He was getting predictable only going for the takedowns. I was ready for whatever he was gonna throw at me.”

“After one of the first knees ... he didn’t come for the takedown, as [I knew] he would. After that, we would come in the clinch and he would disengage. Usually, Brock is a guy that comes straight forward, but he was not doing that. Then I knew that the knees bothered him.”

“I get my confidence from training. Training, despite the distractions, was going good. Guys couldn’t take me down, so I felt good and I felt confident even though Brock is a big, strong guy. I just felt that I was going to beat him up.”

“Junior dos Santos is a very different fighter [than Lesnar], so the game plan will be very different. But both are very aggressive, and I like to be aggressive. I just like to be dominant. I don’t like to be going backwards, waiting. Sometimes you have to, but I prefer to go in there and beat the opponent up.”

“I’m very excited to be fighting for the title. It’s my goal and, at this point, the highest achievement for every martial artist in the world. “My experience [with] the UFC is huge; I think it’s 100 times bigger than Strikeforce. K-1 is big, but [the UFC] is even a lot bigger than K-1. I was a little bit blown away with all the fans and when you walk in [the Octagon]. It’s crazy. I loved it, every second of it.”

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