Dana White on TMZ: Fedor still sucks

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MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko ... SUCKS ... and he SUCKS HARD ... this according to UFC president Dana White.

White and Fedor have been at each other's throats for months -- a feud which reportedly began after the legendary Russian fighter refused to sign a deal to fight in the UFC.

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MMA Playwright site profile image  

8/29/15 9:30 PM by MMA Playwright

Wonder if Dana still feels that way.

Aziraphale site profile image  

1/6/12 1:11 PM by Aziraphale

......That's the last time I spend money on a UFC ppv. Can't spend money on a product where the "president" is so callous, disrespectful and immature.Plenty of free mma out there for me to enjoy so how did you feel when Clinton was president and cigar-holing Monica?

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/6/12 12:41 PM by SKARHEAD

He said Kimbo SUUUUCKS and then invites him into the "SUPERBOWL" of MMA...and tells us "He's a REAL fighter !"....which contradicts what he said before , but it's OK because they used him and duped the fans for cheap ratings.LOL @ you acting like Dana never lies.Like saying Fedor SUUUUUCKS and then offereing him more cash than randy, Tito, Chuck, Hughes, etc.LOL @ you believing anything Dana says....you shill you.

LilRoyNelson site profile image  

1/6/12 9:04 AM by LilRoyNelson

Oh yeah cause it def happened in that fucking order with him not changing anything hahahahahahahahaha.........adding 50lbs out of nowhere s a drastic change that coulda helped idiot

sPoOFEEe site profile image  

1/5/12 11:59 PM by sPoOFEEe

well said!

PersianFedor site profile image  

1/5/12 7:03 PM by PersianFedor

Fedor is great but it would be great to see him fighting other champs like Cain and JDS. I really dont care for him to be in de UFC but there arent many big name for him outside this promotion. That being said. i know as a fact that the moment he gets in the UFC the hype machine will make him a demi-god and then he is the greatest once again. Just like they did with Alistair but even more so

PatsBarriesGotKongo site profile image  

1/5/12 6:59 PM by PatsBarriesGotKongo

Who did Fedor fight in his first 7 MMA Fights ?

HELWIG site profile image  

1/5/12 6:55 PM by HELWIG

 Youre clearly lost. Or just a moron. It must be a blast though to have no grasp of what you are watching. In your warped, grab-ass view(no doubt because you werent following the events as they happened, thus renderring your opinion irrelevant) Coleman, Hunt, Sylvia, AA, and Rogers were not "relevant" fights? Sylvia is good enough to be fighting for an interim UFC title 6 months prior, yet is not "relevant" when he faces Fedor while ranked #5? AA is on a 5 fight win streak, ranked 3 and even as high as 2 on some sites, and just boxed Rothwell's ears off, snapping a huge win streak for him. But somehow wasnt "relevant" when he faced Fedor. With many insiders picking AA to dethrone him. Rogers was 10-0 with numerous KOs and impressing many people. Forum moron CRE even picked him to beat Fedor based on his power and brawling. Who was a better non-UFC opponent that was "more relevant" for him to face? Not counting of course Werdum and BF who he fought next. Coleman wasn't "relevant" the second time yet was a win YEARS later in the UFC that propelled Shogun on the way to his title shot? And actually was even with him until a questionable stoppage. It sounds like youre repeating bullshit youve heard and assumed must be true. The reality is that whether you like Fedor or not, he spent only 1.7 years(while already the universal number 1 for years on end) taking random matches for huge money once Pride went under. I realize that in internet fantasy land, his mindset should have been to race to the UFC, sign his image rights away for life, and challenge himself against the best professional wrestlers and NFL players out there. Instead he took on Choi and Lindland and made bank. What a monster. Afliction and SF had some great heavies. But Fedor was ALWAYS a ring fighter. He trained and excelled(huge understatement) under that format. 30 wins and zero losses fighting in a ring. Even losing stomps and kicks on the ground he still won. At the tail end of a 10 year career, he went 1-3 in cages. For a variety of factors. But Fedor was never a "ultimate cage fighter". He was a professional martial artist and sportsman. Now he's back slowly building up against lesser comp. In a ring. He's never going to be the elite of cage fighting. He's the best fighter in any weight class from 2000-2010. Thats huge. 3 real losses in a 10+ year career. All after he passed his 32nd birthday. What an honor to be able to see that all live as it happened.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

1/5/12 4:02 PM by Proteus The Invincible

I heard a lot of honesty from Dana in that video. He expressed his frustration over not being able to sign Fedor to the UFC roster, but he also threw out there that Fedor isn't the fighter he used to be, he's on the down-side of his career, so if the guy doesn't want to come to the UFC, it's all good.

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/5/12 3:46 PM by supersaiyan

this is about the most fair and "down the middle" assessment