Management defends Cris Cyborg


UPDATE from Cris Cyborg on STEROID USE!!!

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Cris told me she was given what she was told was a “Diet Pill/Diuretic”….the UCLA Lab states it was a stanozolol metabolites…Our doctor states that stanozolol metabolites have a diuretic effect, and can be used as such.

She is really torn up over this, as essentially she is being accused of being a cheater….(She comes over and plays video games with us many times, and if we beat her, she will often take the game home and practice till she can beat us…she is THAT competitive…but she would never cheat.) I’ve known her many years, and this is completely out of character for her…

In response to a post made by MMA Journalist FrontRowBrian, stating that someone at Arena MMA saw Cris being injected by a needle; that is absolutely false. Cris actually has a fear of needles. Cris tested positive for a pill form substance that she thought was a diuretic tablet pill and Cris says the affects from the pill were that she would urinate frequently and lose water weight.

Cris Cyborg’s Management has just confirmed via one of their personal doctors that the substance Cris tested positive for can be Orally Ingested and does have diuretic effects; supporting Cris’ claim that she took a pill from someone in her camp that she believed was a diuretic for cutting weight.

Read entire article...


 As a Middle Easy Tweeter of the Year nominee and pilar of the MMA community, I have to stick to my story. The source comes from within the Arena gym.



I like how every athlete that is being accused of roiding always had a fear of needles.

Who the fuck likes to get injected with needles? i know some people can handle it better than others, but to try and defend yourself by saying you are afraid of needles is bullshit.

I say let her juice all she wants, but make her fight men. Then we will see how talented a fighter she really is.



i emailedback asking this..also saying whatabout the tattoos she has.

they repsonded saying tato needle and hypodermic needle are two diferent things

i can buy that...i have about 20 or so tattoos and im terrified of needles and injections/blood bank


the geek

Did I read this correctly? I'm so shocked right now, there is no way this is true... FRB is now considers an MMA journalist!?



In 1 week, I broke the Chael Sonnen/CM Punk story and the Jon Jones/Dan Hendo in Montreal story.

How do you get those stories without people in high places tipping you off? YOU DON'T.

And another story ... Wanderlei Silva FIRED Cris Cyborg's S+C coach at Arena gym because he was encouraging him to use banned substances.




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disbeliever site profile image  

1/13/12 8:59 AM by disbeliever

So has she ever come out and said she has never taken steroids in her life?All I have read is vague statements

Shogun of Harlem site profile image  

1/13/12 2:34 AM by Shogun of Harlem


cumprido1 site profile image  

1/12/12 7:17 PM by cumprido1

So it seems like someone from her camp gave her tablets of Winny-V.It doesn't matter if you inject it or take it orally.... you still get popped for it.

Bat21 site profile image  

1/12/12 5:48 PM by Bat21

 LOL! Wow, FRB has some pretty staunch defenders. For asking a question about his journalistic credentials (if any), I'm labelled as "petty" and being "on his back." Regardless, your post and UGCTT_TreGore's post have given me the answer, so I'll withdraw the question. 

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/11/12 2:07 PM by captain_underwear

in this particular area, mma reporting, it is really just being a farkin douche to harp on someone without a degree. If he reports, is accurate, and dedicated, then he;s a journalist with or without people on this forum liking it.I have no side on this, I do not know FRB, never had three words with the dude, but this fixation on anally defining what 'is' and what 'isn't' qualifiedto talk about guys beating each other upsee what I'm sayin'?

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/11/12 2:04 PM by captain_underwear

a degree means you are 'prepared' for experience in the field

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/11/12 2:03 PM by captain_underwear

you have a point but experience trumpsw degree all day long

HexRei site profile image  

1/11/12 2:01 PM by HexRei

That's not true. A degree is only as good as the school and department you got it from, but generally it is proof that you put in the time and work to complete a curriculum. All else being equal its worth a lot more than a pinky swear that you are qualified in a given field.

HexRei site profile image  

1/11/12 2:01 PM by HexRei

This was hashed out pages ago.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

1/11/12 2:00 PM by PrettyBoy

She sure has a fuck load of tattoos for someone afraid of needles... Just saying.