Who would win, GSP vs. a chimpanzee?

source: tmz.com

tags: Georges St-Pierre (detail)  UFC   video      

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DreamAnnouncerLadyVoice site profile image  

1/11/12 3:12 PM by DreamAnnouncerLadyVoice

SLOW CLAP , This is the times i wish i was a blue so i can vote you that fuck up that seriously made me LOL

croy_00 site profile image  

1/11/12 2:19 PM by croy_00

 It would probably take a "bite" out of Mike Tyson's novel and start chewing on anything soft if he tried.

Media Monster site profile image  

1/11/12 12:23 PM by Media Monster

i want my 2 minutes back

Kevin bacon site profile image  

1/11/12 10:28 AM by Kevin bacon

Look at this guy. You don't want to fuck with him http://www.professionalmuscle.com/forums/attachments/professional-muscle-forum/47005d1313194138-bbers-vs-racehorses-chimp-huge-balls.jpg

JunkieDog site profile image  

1/11/12 7:49 AM by JunkieDog

I'll take one of these threads every day over the hundreds of "Serious" Lesnar threads I've had to witness the last few years...."Lesnar's vast improvements are astounding""Is Lesnar the GOAT"/"Could Fedor last one round with Brock"/Brock is leading the way for the new breed of HW's"/How will Cain make it out of the first vs. Brock"..etc..etc..etc..

Bloc Québécois site profile image  

1/11/12 2:04 AM by Bloc Québécois

I've attempted to defend UG News because I benefit from the links to other sites and I'm willing to tolerate the odd troll thread title. This is pretty sad. VTFD

pidgey site profile image  

1/11/12 2:01 AM by pidgey

chimp by face balls asshole eating

Chris site profile image  

1/10/12 11:41 PM by Chris

 I wonder if GSP could hold the chimp down for 5 rounds?

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

1/10/12 9:00 PM by Pink Bunkadoo

Holy fuck uh news should be embarrassed