Report that GSP dropped Jackson's in favor of Tristar is false

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There was a rumor circulating that GSP and Jackson's MMA had parted ways (see below). However, a survey of some of the principals in the story reveals that the rumor is false.

Josh Gross
“Spoke to Greg Jackson re: rumors that GSP left him. He talked w/ GSP an hour ago. They’re fine. Also, he doesn’t have contracts w/ fighters ... He said nothing changed between him and GSP. GSP hasn’t told him any different. He saw the rumors and laughed.”

Firas Zahabi
“The rumor is not true. LOL."

Rodolphe Beaulieu, GSP's manager
“It’s not true.”

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GSP leaves Team Greg Jackson

From: RAV21
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Talked to a friend from Tristar and he said Georges has officially changed his affiliation to Tristar gym. When Georges went to Jackson's gym he signed a contract making it mandatory that Jackson be in his corner, so we will be seeing him there for the next couple of fights.

Georges has made it known that Jackson has never showed him anything on the ground and he was continually having to learn his standup in other places. The only benefit was training with some excellent fighters, but now most of them are training in other states and camps.

To show respect to the owners of the Tristar gym, where he does most of his training, GSP has changed his affiliation.

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sleepybear70 site profile image  

1/12/12 10:35 PM by sleepybear70

caught me by surprise.....burst out laughing

Kostakio site profile image  

1/12/12 7:50 PM by Kostakio

I can't wait to go next month.

cdueck site profile image  

1/12/12 7:42 PM by cdueck

 What I said shit head is maybe George got tired of hearing what Greg Jackson had to say so he went where he could hear more of what he liked. I guess I will ask you to show me which fighters got to the UFC with one coach then switched camps and got better, I will be surprised if there is any. 

diggity site profile image  

1/12/12 6:36 PM by diggity

Waaaay too hard. This guy sounds like squatdog.

LiftStrong site profile image  

1/12/12 9:12 AM by LiftStrong

You are absolutely correct.  I do not know him as a person...  not sure what I said that would have given you that impression, lol.   

ehx site profile image  

1/12/12 7:03 AM by ehx

lol @ trying to explain away gsp's sudden inability to finish a fight with this absolute nonsense. finishes are happening at about the same rate as 2003, which wasn't all that long ago anyway. and in 2003 one guy had karate kicks and one had judo throws? i think you must mean 1993, not 2003. please stop trolling.

kingsand8s site profile image  

1/12/12 6:12 AM by kingsand8s

Youre a fucking idiot if you think coaches don't make a difference. In ANY sport or any thing you can be coached in. I'm a poker coach myself and I myself have employed a poker now for years. It makes a world of difference. I played college basketball, had 2 different coaches, the 2nd coach made a huge impact.There are the most insecure, least competitive people here on the UG. Keep sitting on your couch buddy

goldenboyart site profile image  

1/12/12 3:02 AM by goldenboyart

GOOD, never have liked him at all. Took TOO much credit from the fighters. A D-BAG IMO.

AndyW site profile image  

1/12/12 2:27 AM by AndyW

Silva should come down to GSP 's weight and take a loss.Or just do a rematch with Chael Sonnen and that will be another loss. Finishing fights you think this is not 2003 UFC the fighers are better than ever and very hard to beat period.Everything is so advance and each fighter comes at his best with personal trainers and skills second to none.It is not like the old days I guy had a karate kick and the other guy had a judo throw. Wake up , none of the old days fighters would last 2 rounds anymore. So give it a break finish a fight .George is a great champion and a gentleman at the same time some class there.