Mendes: I have tunnel vision for that belt


“I’m just pumped that this time is finally here,” Mendes told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show.” “I feel like I’ve been training for this one moment my entire life. I started wrestling when I was five and I never took a year off. This is all just the payoff from starting that young and all that dedication and hard work that I’ve put in. It’s time for me to get out there and show the world who I am and what I’m here to do.”

Mendes’ rise in MMA has been quick. He’s only been fighting professionally since September 2008. However, before fighting he was a standout wrestler at Cal Poly who lost just once his senior year -- in the NCAA championship.

“At that time, nothing was more important to me than winning that NCAA title,” Mendes said. “I had tunnel vision. That’s all I cared about and that’s all I trained for and that’s all I wanted. I came up short. It’s a heartbreaker. It’s something that I’ll always think about and always remember, but … all that work was basically in preparation for what I’m doing now. Now I have tunnel vision for this. This is what I train my hardest for. I’m in here every day busting my butt. It’s tunnel vision for that belt, and that’s the new thing.”

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grimsgrindgg site profile image  

1/13/12 12:10 PM by grimsgrindgg

Does anyone else remember how the Brazilians fought the 1st time the modern UFC went to Rio? Johnson and Mendes are in for 2 very brutal fights. Belfort is going to go ape shit with 1-2's and Aldo is gonna tear Mendes's leg off and feed it to him. Flamengo's are going to riot and the UFC Rio #2 will be declared a success.

LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

1/13/12 11:51 AM by LayNprayNINJA

 I think it would be more satisfying to me if Aldo worked a reversal adn then submission/Gnp TKO if Chad takes him down.Preferably from the mounted crucifix like Faber got. Wrastlers on their back always make me smile :-)

GelderdEnd site profile image  

1/13/12 11:46 AM by GelderdEnd

Ahhhhh Chad 'The Blanket' Mendes

Mix6APlix site profile image  

1/13/12 11:46 AM by Mix6APlix

Yep. I really hope Aldo can keep it on their feet though, and leg kick Chad into Bolivia.

Killahbeez79 site profile image  

1/13/12 11:39 AM by Killahbeez79

Something tells me that Chad is going down the wrong tunnel and that beautiful light at the end of said tunnel is not a glint from the UFC's Featherweight Championship belt...

rosario00 site profile image  

1/13/12 11:02 AM by rosario00

Tunnel vision to wrestlefuck Aldo. Hopefully Aldo can stifle it and embarrass him in the process

ClinchedUp site profile image  

1/13/12 10:59 AM by ClinchedUp

If I was him I would be devasted to find out Maynard has been with him this camp. Mendes brings nothing to the table except being a blanket for 5 rounds... His only chance of winning.

LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

1/13/12 10:57 AM by LayNprayNINJA

 Well at least he has already tasted what tomorrow will feel like. Won't sting as much the second time around. :-)

Chris site profile image  

1/13/12 10:56 AM by Chris

 I can't see Mendes winning this. He has to be planning on winning a 5 round decision.