Massenzio: I'm as crazy as Palhares


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Kostakio site profile image  

1/15/12 12:58 AM by Kostakio

I'd love to see a rematch. Intense fight.

Rival School site profile image  

1/14/12 11:18 PM by Rival School

^ easy enough

BJJkilla site profile image  

1/14/12 11:06 PM by BJJkilla

well he was crazy to not tap immediatly once palhares had his leg.

Forssberg site profile image  

1/14/12 4:10 PM by Forssberg

In the video you seem to assume that Massenzio is the better wrestler and will have top position. I would not be susprised if the fight went otherwise.

Balance site profile image  

1/14/12 3:50 PM by Balance

This. You're not going to win a crazy contest with Paul Harris.

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

1/14/12 3:11 PM by ThePoopWizard

He believes he is normal and that's why I love him

4thHorsemen site profile image  

1/14/12 3:09 PM by 4thHorsemen

He can't be as crazy as Palhares because he is saying he's crazy. Palhares doesn't even know / admit that he's crazy. That's craziness on a whole different level.

Pugilist82 site profile image  

1/14/12 2:26 PM by Pugilist82

Agreed, Massenzio HAS to keep it standing.

vitor3000 site profile image  

1/14/12 1:00 PM by vitor3000

You gotta have Andre Galvao level grappling to beat Paul Harris on the ground.

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

1/14/12 12:36 PM by ThePoopWizard

Palhares will take a limb home tonight