Vince McMahon won't allow CM Punk to walk out Chael Sonnen

by Ariel Helwani | source:

It was earlier reported on the UG that WWE champion would walk Chael Sonnen out on Jan 28th in Chicago when he fights Mark Munoz. Now it appears that WWE CEO Vince McMahon is not allowing it.

WWE champion CM Punk will not escort Chael Sonnen to the Octagon prior to Sonnen's fight against Mark Munoz on Jan. 28, after all.

Punk confirmed with that WWE chairman Vince McMahon decided against allowing him to walk out to the cage with Sonnen later this month. MMA reporter FrontRowBrian first reported the news Friday afternoon.

The Punk/Sonnen pairing created a major buzz in both the MMA and professional wrestling world when it was first reported, but most assumed it was UFC president Dana White who would be against the idea of a pro wrestler walking out to the cage with a top fighter on FOX, not McMahon.

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nobones site profile image  

1/17/12 3:20 AM by nobones

To FRB - when the hell did I say anything about what Strikeforce paid in gate taxes? You have me confused with someone else or you are misrepresenting facts like usual. And you are no real reporter. You just post so much random shit on your twitter most of which is pure supposition.  You occassionally get lucky. A real reporter can't get away with all the incorrect information and rumor mongering that you do.  And Meltzer replying to your post on their forum doesnt mean he took your information and straight published it he could have very well already known this info. You and bloodstain lane are not reporters or journalists of aany standard youre just rumor mongerers. Wow, great thing to be proud of. This whole post is about you claiming credit for a rumor that you are saying is no longer you realize how stupid it is to even claim that?   

Salt the Snail site profile image  

1/17/12 3:03 AM by Salt the Snail

Good for you firstrow.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

1/17/12 2:47 AM by tres_equis_666

Not if they're biased and scared of offending the Zuffa machine

frontrowbrian site profile image  

1/17/12 1:14 AM by frontrowbrian

Dave replied to my post you stupid cunt. Of course he saw it. How else would he have replied? Stick to number crunching. Like when you told me Strikeforce paid $700,000 IN GATE TAXES on a $200,000 something gate. When I need numbers crunched, you're the guy.

nobones site profile image  

1/17/12 1:08 AM by nobones

Could it possibly be that Meltzer found this information on his own anyways?  Just because you post something on the F4online board doesn't mean that you deserve a credit.  Meltzer has to have read your post and then copied that information (without verifying it himself) to only give you the credit.  As much as that man writes, I doubt he was paying attention to the message board that much.  

nobones site profile image  

1/17/12 1:06 AM by nobones

So FRB was successful in reporting that something he reported previously wasn't true anymore?  Give that man a Pulitzer! I love how FRB was all over Bloodstain Lane's nuts about Overeem leaving the US to avoid a random drug test, but then Overeem passes the test and now BSL is all buddy with the Reem again.  This was after BSL was telling everyone on twitter that Overeem was dirtbag for what he did to Golden Glory, claiming that Reem was dodging a steroid test, and predicting Reem would lose to Brock.  Yeah...that's real reporting.  If any real reporter claimed retarded shit like that they would lose their job.  Yet BSL and FRB insist on being called 'reporters' the truth is these morons throw so much crap on twitter occassionally some of their crap sticks and they scream and yell that they reported it first.  Jokers.  FRB should focus on reporting when his ass is gonna get a soul.   

frontrowbrian site profile image  

1/17/12 12:42 AM by frontrowbrian

 You got to subscribe to see the board you fuckin moron.

D241 site profile image  

1/16/12 11:49 PM by D241

 That's all I got. What's so hard about linking the URL that has the story?

D241 site profile image  

1/16/12 11:48 PM by D241    Forum   Topics   Posts   Last post  This board has no forums. Delete all board cookies | The team Board index All times are UTC - 8 hours  

superCalo site profile image  

1/16/12 10:32 PM by superCalo

I must admit I steal many of my exclusives from fronrowbrain, but to be fair his news is too exclusive and newsworthy not to share.