Source: Johnson was 30 pounds over limit two weeks before weigh in

by J. Yayo Hernandez | source:

At UFC Fight Night 24 Anthony Johnson claimed he weighed 230 pounds just eight weeks before successfully making the 171 weigh limit for the Dan Hardy fight. That is an almost unimaginable drop of 60 pounds.

Charles ‘Chainsaw’ McCarthy's CageJunkies has learned from sources with direct contact to Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson that the would be middleweight weighed in at 215 lbs two weeks ago. Even this drop, half what Johnson claimed he did for the Hardy fight, proved to be life threatening.

To put this into context, Johnson would have had to lose 30 lbs. in two weeks to make weight for his fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 142.

Thirty pounds is an extraordinary amount of weight," said McCarthy. "I was a big cutter and I would do 20 pounds in two weeks. As a matter of fact, I have never met a fighter that started his cut over 205 to get down to 185 pounds in that timeframe."

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This is lends further weight to the idea that something has to be done about weight cutting in MMA, before, not after someone dies.




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SinCityHustler site profile image  

1/15/12 12:27 AM by SinCityHustler

 Other than GSP cutting from 195 to 170, what huge guys are dominating their weight class?  

Chainsaw Charles site profile image  

1/14/12 11:32 PM by Chainsaw Charles

Belfort doesn't let it deter him as he wins by RNC in the first round!

BJJkilla site profile image  

1/14/12 6:17 PM by BJJkilla

johnson also has a wrestling background, usually wrestlers don't miss weight.

The Sultan site profile image  

1/14/12 6:14 PM by The Sultan

 exactly....It sounds silly as hell to hear someone talk about a fighter "cutting" 60 lbs in 2 months...Umm, A) you can't cut weight for 2 months and B) you can't cut 60 lbs.

Art Corvelay site profile image  

1/14/12 5:56 PM by Art Corvelay

No, that's not what I'm saying at all.I clearly said that it is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, to run a fight camp for a relatively-good to great shape professional athlete and have them lose 35lbs through mere dieting down. Professional athletes like to game each other. This is why someone like Johnson would claim he was 230. This is why H. Walker would claim he eats silly bullshit and doesn't even lift weights. It's called getting in your opponents' heads.

CindyO site profile image  

1/14/12 5:54 PM by CindyO

 *snickers* Cindy

TheVileOne site profile image  

1/14/12 5:49 PM by TheVileOne

So you are saying that Johnson is on steroids and that's why he couldn't have been at 230 before the Hardy fight, Corvelay?That's what he said and that's what he admitted. at this picture I can totally believe he got as high as 230 lbs.

Art Corvelay site profile image  

1/14/12 5:34 PM by Art Corvelay

Virtually everyone in the industry diets down at least 10lbs from walking weight, and then sodium and water loads prior to a 24-hr pre-weigh-in cut of at least 10lbs.Hobbyist grapplers with no coaching and no access to IVs are all water-cutting 5-8 on average for night before weigh-ins for AM grappling tournaments.Things that Pros have access to that makes big cuts possible:-Nutrition coaching-Clenbuterol and steroids-Advanced rehydration, like IVs, advanced electrolytes, etcAlso:I absolutely do not believe that Johnson was 55 over fight weight 8-weeks before Dan Hardy. Dieting down 35lbs over 8 weeks is ridiculously difficult for people who are using drugs and are simply doing cardio and lifting. Running a training camp for a fight while doing the same is impossible.

Greenup site profile image  

1/14/12 5:22 PM by Greenup

Souds like he needs to fight at 205 or hw its not gonna be a fair fight tonight and if dana dont fire him he should make him fight at 205 or +

Sudo21 site profile image  

1/14/12 5:13 PM by Sudo21

No one is shocked, but they've done it, always. Rumble missed weight for a third time.He needs to hire a new dietician.