Web protests against UFC supported SOPA

by Jason Cruz | source: mmapayout.com

 Major web sites including Craigslist, Wikipedia and Reddit went dark starting on midnight January 18th in protest over the controversial SOPA/sopa/">Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA). The United States Senate will vote on the bill starting January 24th.

The anti-piracy Legislation is supported by many media, labor and manufacturing companies as it is seen as a way to curb piracy while online companies oppose it and view it as censorship and stifling innovation. A good primer on the pros and cons is here.

Other web sites, including Google, supported its online brethren through other means. Google blacked out its logo as seen below:

Both sides of the SOPA debate can be seen in various articles across the Internet. According to Politico, two of the major issues in the legislation is one that would allow the movie and television industry to sue companies when its web sites support pirated material and another which would allow the government to block certain web searches.

In addition, there is concern that SOPA will suprress online journalism. The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) provides a compelling argument against the passage of SOPA:

…our members use the Internet in ways that could be construed to violate SOPA,
and that’s not acceptable. Whether utilizing content contributed by third parties, stepping outside the direct reporter-source interaction to acquire and use information from websites around the world, or augmenting our stories through the use of multimedia previously unavailable to print-only publications, ASNE members continue to change the way news is presented. We fear that SOPA will restrict our ability to engage in these activities and stifle our capacity to innovate when we most sorely need the freedom to do so.

This past November, Zuffa head Lorenzo Fertitta sent a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith in support of SOPA. Smith introduced the bill in the House of Representatives. Fertitta’s main concern in the letter was the illegal streaming of its PPVs. “This is the issue that keeps us up at night and, we are very concerned about the continued theft of our shows,” wrote Fertitta.

Payout Perspective:

There are interesting arguments on both sides of the SOPA debate. The blackout by the collective of online sites is a definite attention getter for this piece of legislation. The UFC has always been proactive in protecting its intellectual property rights and the piracy of its PPVs. For it to support this legislation makes sense. But, it seems that the primary debate lies outside of the PPV piracy issue.

What could SOPA mean for online journalism…and places like this where third party sources and information from other web sites are used.

We will see how the vote plays out next week.

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UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin came out against the legislation.

From: Shane Carwin
Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 1410

While it is true that without the current UFC owners the sport would not have grown to it's current level. Without the internet and peer to peer sharing of content and information there would be no sport to save.

We the people came together and found a way to share our love for a sport that was trying to be squashed out by the Government. Now the money made from that survival effort is going into bills that are designed to make sure that doesn't happen again. If the Government wants it gone or a big company wants the site gone it is gone. We need to protect our freedoms in the real and virtual world and I do not support SOPA.

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Gondul site profile image  

1/21/12 10:36 PM by Gondul

What? Instead of making jokes tell me why I'm wrong. I'll be the first to admit I'm not well versed on the subject. Fill me in.

capsulecorp site profile image  

1/21/12 10:17 PM by capsulecorp


FighterTuneUp site profile image  

1/21/12 10:16 PM by FighterTuneUp

Glad to see this page gaining momentum, I was posting on the other one about protesting the fight. Well thanks for chiming in Shane. I pay for my fights, so as a paying customer I do not want the UFC fucking with my internet. Yes I know they are probably not the biggest of the supporters. But they are part of my favorite sport. There is no way you can slice this, to not be a F U from the UFC by supporting it. It is a huge F U to any fan who enjoys his internet, and all the regular paying fans, and ones who attend the live gate. If they pass a new law to make the UFC pay all their fighters 99% of the profits, I will vote and run a huge petition for it. You mess with my rights, I have no problem putting it back at you. You will lose fans over this, as a matter of fact it is happening right now. Next time think of the ramifications of what your supporting, because if it is not win win it shows you do not care about the fans. It would be really easy to get into a lot more trouble than the ESPN story, if someone decided to write a nice article on this and put it on a good press wire. Then blast it to all the protestors making the UFC the face of their enemy. That could be one big huge nightmare. If that happens, I didn't do it. But I will say there is far worse than an ESPN story about fighters pay, that can bug the UFC. Anyways food for thought, keep up the good work guys. Sign your petitions, let's kick this bills ass.

Gondul site profile image  

1/21/12 8:04 PM by Gondul

The penalties are obviously excessive and it's probably the wrong way to go about policing online piracy but I can understand why the entertainment industry etc would support it. I know I don't like giving shit away.

capsulecorp site profile image  

1/21/12 7:35 PM by capsulecorp

god dammit gondul educate yourself

Gondul site profile image  

1/21/12 4:31 PM by Gondul

So people are pissed because there will be a stiffer penalty for copyright infringement? Wasn't that shit illegal already?

frederic site profile image  

1/21/12 12:09 PM by frederic

 The wonders of ex-senator Dodd are astounding: Chris Dodd to Obama: Hollywood will stop supporting you because you were soft on SOPA and PIPA by Cory Doctorow Former Senator Chris Dodd, now head of the MPAA, is pissed at Obama. He's threatened to withhold entertainment lobbyist money from Obama's upcoming re-election war chest over the administration's lack of support for SOPA and PIPA. As an ex-Senator, Dodd is prohibited from directly lobbying Congress for a couple more years, and some insiders tell me he feels that this hamstrung his efforts because he couldn't sit down over lunch with lawmakers who directly owed him personal favors and demand that they stay firm on SOPA and PIPA. EXCLUSIVE: Chris Dodd warns of Hollywood backlash against Obama over anti-piracy bill (Thanks, mindofbryan!)

jahmon site profile image  

1/20/12 9:30 AM by jahmon

Thanks Tracy and Shane for the perspective...helps put the words of the bill into realitySounds like it would take a shit load of funding to implement this agenda accurately.....not a good idea

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/19/12 7:06 PM by captain_underwear

you are correct, people arent going to all of a sudden begin forking over their money if they werent already doing so, because the content itself is, as you imply, a luxury.So, it becomes, then a question of 'why ARE they doing it then' ?Either they do not care what we thinkorthey actually believe they can increase their revenue this way, by restricting the very thing that created their gold mine....which means they are, like politicians, out of touchwith reality.Zuffa- you are losing a lot of well-being (I am no marketing wizard, but I do know that any franchise benefits from people liking them, and what they stand for.....and we may not have the kind of power that will make you respect us directly, but you are creating a dark side for yourselves in the world of perception.Let me simplify, as I have digressed-The more we all think highly of your company, the more you can count on something called 'Brand Loyalty' even when someone cannot buy a product, say, this weekend, the fact that they dont have a sour taste in their mouth everytime they see your corporate logo will probably translate into money soon enoogh.I also realize that, distressingly enough you seem to have this motto of 'buy the competition' when you feel any.There are such things as anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws that have been applied to situations in the past. It would serve you well to always have a reserve of goodwill from the public.Don't burn all your fuckin bridges, dudes, and remember the old adage;"be nice to people on your way up, if you fall, you'll be seeing them again on the way down".my point is that we are not as powerless as you may think, just because we cannot stop you directly from backing this bullshit bill.quit digging yourselves a big hole they are hard to climb out of when no one will help you

Jambo888 site profile image  

1/19/12 6:10 PM by Jambo888

liberty or death rigth America?