Guillard promises to avoid 'Lauzon mistake'

by Dann Stupp and John Morgan | source:

"I was excited for my last fight with Lauzon, and I was in the best shape of my life," Guillard said at today's media workout session. "I just rushed myself and got caught. So right now, this new year, my key word is patience. In order to be patient, sometime I have to keep myself calm when i don't want to be. I'd rather be sitting here, jumping around all crazy, but I want to translate how I feel right now into the ring.

"It's not going to affect my style of fight, just so you guys know. I'm still going to go in and be the fast, explosive kid that I am. But right now, I just want to stay focused and grounded - try to humble myself where I can go in against a guy like Jim Miller and not make that mistake I made against Joe Lauzon."

"I know in the past I've said, 'I want to win a title; I want to win a title,'" Guillard said. "Of course I want to have the title eventually, but right now I just want to enjoy fighting – getting better – and by the time I do become a world champion, I can hold the belt for a long time and be successful.

"I learned from a close friend recently that sometimes when you win the belt too fast, it can be the end of your career. But I definitely want to enjoy my career and win the belt before I take my way out the door."" target="_blank">read entire article...


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Tweener site profile image  

1/19/12 4:13 PM by Tweener

Your reply has NOTHING to do with my comment. Christ - you can't have an opinion in this forum, can you?

TheUltimateLurker site profile image  

1/19/12 3:42 PM by TheUltimateLurker

Would'a ,could'a ,should'a. Lets just discredit everyone that abused Melvin on the ground.

1800champagne site profile image  

1/19/12 1:05 PM by 1800champagne

Getting floored with a punch and tapping out to avoid being choked to that the mistake he is referring to?

Tweener site profile image  

1/19/12 1:01 PM by Tweener

Not the point. Care to grasp at more straws?

Dammit site profile image  

1/19/12 11:45 AM by Dammit

Rashad Evans?

robbie380 site profile image  

1/19/12 10:49 AM by robbie380

Yeah it's amazing how quick people can get subbed when they have no sub defense.... 

Tweener site profile image  

1/19/12 10:23 AM by Tweener

We didn't. We saw Melvin get dropped and choked out so quickly we never saw anything. Had it got for maybe a few minutes then yeah. But Melvin did nothing but throw a punch and get dropped as far as I can remember. He was out of it from the beginning. We didn't get to see any real exchanges of clear headed ground work.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/19/12 9:48 AM by HELWIG

" That was one of those 'non-fights' to me. We never really got to see them fight. " .................................

Jetster site profile image  

1/19/12 9:35 AM by Jetster

His main problem is overconfidence, at this level understimating opponents is a major mistake, come in focused, respect but not too much your opponent and fight hard....I think he can whip J-lau but not if he goes in there with a brash overconfident attitude disrepscting him as a fighter.