Jim Miller kept Mono and kidney infection secret before Bendo loss

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

Late last Summer, tonight's headliner Jim Miller fought and lost a unanimous decision to Ben Henderson, snapping a seven-fight win streak. Bendo went on to get a title shot against champion Frankie Edgar next month in Japan.

In a recent interview on MMAJunkie Radio, Miller revealed that before his last fight, he kept secret the fact that he was suffering from mono and had developed a kidney infection.

"I've never felt like that and hope to never feel like that again, inside or outside the octagon," Miller said.

"I stepped into the octagon, and there was never that tingle, that feeling of adrenaline. So I knew something was off, and I feel I should have adapted to it. I should have fought more conservatively and tried to get dominant positions and not expend so much energy hunting for that finish the whole fight."

"This fight with Melvin is the fight I wanted; it's another guy that was right up there and a tough challenge and very dangerous opponent. I didn't want a gimme win just to get back on the winning ways that sometimes seems to happen. I wanted a tough fight that is going to get me in that title contention.

"And I know that a win here, I still need another one or two to get back up there because there are always guys coming up, and things need to be sorted out. That's the fun part, fighting these guys."

"Hopefully it won't take seven in a row again to start hearing talk about [a title shot]," Miller chuckled.

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Recent Comments »

HELWIG site profile image  

1/22/12 9:19 PM by HELWIG

 All this does is serve as a plausible explanation for why Miller(who is usually UNCLE F'ING HUSTLE) had a dead battery after 4 mins into the first round. Not for why he lost or to claim he would have handled Bendo otherwise. Use basic common sense and perspective and look at his career as a whole. One fight is not like the others, regardless of the end result.

JustBlogGuy site profile image  

1/22/12 3:14 PM by JustBlogGuy

He found out a couple days after the fight, but he hadn't seen the other sick individuals since he'd left for the fight, so he caught it before. Additionally, you can not know you have something, but then, once diagnosed and made aware of the symptoms, get a pretty good idea of when you became sick based on when those symptoms started now that you know what caused them. They started in the last week(s) before the fight. In the Junkie interview Miller says in the last weeks of his camp he would come home from training and just be a bump on a log because he had no energy, but he had a young child and his wife was pregnant so at the time he just thought it was the result of going through a camp while also dealing with those things.12six, you're more than free to not believe him, but when has a Miller ever come out openly with a legit excuse, let alone a BS one. So Miller super secretly spread a rumor after his fight with the intent of it breaking to the media from other people just in time for his next fight? Come on.

John Nic site profile image  

1/22/12 2:12 PM by John Nic

People, people - its not Bendo it's BENSON HENDERSON

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/22/12 2:03 PM by 12SixElbow

 It's possible. But it would have had to have been before the onset of symptons. (it can incubate for weeks) BUT, if he didn't show symptons until days after the fight, why even mention it? I can see giving the other fighter a heads up, but why bring it up in interviews? Why claim you fought with mono?

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/22/12 2:00 PM by 12SixElbow

 I call bullshit. 1. What pro fighter is going to get seriously fucking ill, and NOT seek medical attention right before a fight? 2.. Passing a medical before a fight with Mono? Next to impossible. 3. Bringing it up way down the ling? Come on.... The evidence seems to be pointing towards excuse making. Clearly working with BJ Penn has helped Jim's game.

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/22/12 1:58 PM by 12SixElbow


nickotine site profile image  

1/21/12 8:22 PM by nickotine

If he found out a couple of days after the fight, maybe he didn't have mono until a couple of days after the fight?

JustBlogGuy site profile image  

1/21/12 8:21 PM by JustBlogGuy

If only it had explained multiple times in this thread, and in every interview where Jim was asked about it, that he did not know he had it until after the fight, and as such nobody outside of maybe the commission who could potentially have noticed symptoms would have had any reason to have a problem with him doing a thing nobody knew he was doing. That sure would clear up the thing where everybody was okay with it. If only.

Phisher site profile image  

1/21/12 8:19 PM by Phisher


Phisher site profile image  

1/21/12 8:17 PM by Phisher

Is it really hating to be incredulous about the fact that he supposedly went through a full camp and a fight with an infectious disease? I'm sorry, but I'd like some verification. I have a hard time believe that Miller, his camp, the UFC, Bendo and the athletic commission of the state that they fought in had no issue with Miller fighting with mono. The whole thing sounds bizarre to me.