Sean McCorkle to CagePotato: F--- you

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Earlier this week, UFC President Dana White put ESPN on full blast for a negative piece on the UFC pay structure. Now Sean McCorkle has done the same to the popular

ATTN: Cage Potato

From: Sean McCorkle's Stats">Sean McCorkle
Member Since: 5/29/05
Posts: 10281

First off, Fuck you.

Secondly in your latest "piece" you're talking shit about my next opponent Mike Gordon being 1-0. If your bush league ass "writers" did their job they'd see that Mike Gordon is 4-0 with 4 early first round stoppages.

You then trash my Bellator opponent saying he's lost 10 of his last 12. You fail to mention he won 16 of his first 18.

All you idiots ever talk about is how much every one of my opponents suck. So who would you suggest I fight? Andrei Arlovski? Fedor? Brett Rogers? Oh wait, that's right, all 3 of them turned down fights with me in the past 3 months. Who are these stellar fighters not signed with the UFC or Strikeforce that I'm ducking?

I could put together a home made website in 30 minutes that would blow your piece of shit website out of the water. And I can for damn sure outwrite any of your fake ass journalists.

PS: only bloody elbow sucks more than you guys, and it's close

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From: CagePotato
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Taking a shot at you because your opponents have bad records was a lazy, hack move, and I regret it. It made me feel bad to see this thread, because I'm not out to hurt anybody's feelings. But I'm an asshole, and people like me can't help ourselves.

Still, can we put a few things in context? According to this website's records, Mike Gordon is 1-0 in sanctioned competition, and 3-0 in unsanctioned fights. Sherdog doesn't even list those, so I don't know if they were amateur fights or what. I'm not gonna call the dude 4-0 as a pro if there's nothing to support that.

Nobody in the world is expecting you to fight "stellar" fighters. It sucks that Arlovski, Fedor, and Brett ducked you, but I think your fans and supporters just want to see you fight opponents who don't have losing records, or .500 records, or guys who have less than five pro fights.

I didn't trash your Bellator opponent so much as mention a fact that I thought was important. Okay, he won 16 of his first 18. And now he's on a really alarming losing streak. Before Jeffrey Dahmer raped and murdered 17 men and boys, he raped and murdered zero men and boys. Does that make him a good person?

I'm sorry to bring Dahmer into this. But come on man, don't smash me for stating the obvious.


From: Sean McCorkle's Stats">Sean McCorkle
Member Since: 5/29/05
Posts: 10297

Here's the problem with guys like you. If you're going to take shots at somebody, at least be funny. But when you have no valid point, and no sense of humor, then it's strictly just bashing someone just to do it.

And this is like the 10th time you guys have done it to me. I have thick skin, and let everything people say roll of my back to a degree. But when a website who I have never done anything wrong to, have never turned down an interview request, and have no personal problem with, makes it a point to trash me every single time I do anything, even if it's winning a fight, it gets on my nerves.

Bloody Elbow does the same shit to me, and I have never done anything to anyone there. Ask anyone who has ever requested an interview of any kind, and they'll tell you I'm the nicest, most accesbile fighter in the business. I've done web radio shows who probably have 3 listeners, and stayed on for an hour.

If you want to blast me, fine. But either be accurate or be funny when you do it. Don't suck at both.

PS: Fedor's "sanctioned record" is 4-3. You guys are idiots


RyanTheMasterBader - Arlovski, Fedor, Rogers...all ducked me.

Well duh! Do you blame them? "I'm Fedor and trying to make a name for myself beating the best in the world after my three big loses...hmm....let's fight McCorkle in a regional show and risk losing all my credibility to a guy who's claim to fame is a few fights in the UFC and a Internet battle with Struve that he clearly didn't back up......yeah.....Dana will sign me then!"

These fights are good for McCorkle, but senseless to the three dudes you mentioned. At best, maybe Rogers but shit, is Cain duckin you too? Lol. You gotta earn the right to fight these guys, not claim there ducking you aside from the fact you don't fight in there org. You just want Fedor regardless of not defeating ANY big name?

McCorke, you ain't helpin your UFC case much, just stfu and fight. I wanna watch you fight, not listen to you complain and verbally stroke Dana's nuts.

Sorry dude, respect your skills but.....It seems you like to be more of a keyboard warrior oppose to a caged warrior. Phone Post


Thacommish -

lol what in the fuck could andrei gain from fighting ray lopez that he wouldnt get from fighting Sean McCorkle, except maybe a much easier fight. Seems to me mccorkles name holds more weight than his... and brett rogers just lost to eddie sanchez man, there is nothing ridiculous about calling them out considering their resume of late


From: Sean McCorkle
Member Since: 5/29/05
Posts: 10306

This. And the idiots who say those guys won't fight on a small promotion, the Arlovski fight was offered to him on Pro Elite, by Pro Elite. He declined twice and fought Ray Lopez and Travis Fulton instead. The Fedor fight was offered by on Dream, by Dream. They decided to fight a 0-2 Judo guy instead. The Brett Rogers fight was in the process of being put together for a show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, and they declined.

I'm sure Fedor beating the 0-2 proved a lot more than a win over me would. And Arlovski beating Ray Lopez and Travis Fulton definitely shows he's back



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Zionist Zodiac Zephyr site profile image  

1/24/12 9:01 AM by Zionist Zodiac Zephyr

I had never heard of McCorkhole until the Nose interviewed him. His southern jibber jabber probably developed over years in a relationship with an abusive and violent dominatrix. He needs a group hug, not a group stomping. Isn't this almost same thing?

TheRaider site profile image  

1/24/12 12:50 AM by TheRaider

Yea, fuck the potato cage. Potatoes need to be free.

BobD site profile image  

1/24/12 12:18 AM by BobD

Jeff was promoted for the fight as "one of the most decortated American grapplers" ever, which happens to be true.  Aside from his ADCC win, he enters, and regularly wins, international grappling tournaments which are not on the radar of most UG members... nevertheless, Monson is regarded as one of the most successful American submission grapplers on the planet.   Agree or disagree.. fine... but that was the marketing ploy.. They placed a 'Great American Grappler' against 'Fedor' ... and guess what.... it worked...they sold the place out, and apparently had good enough viewership to get another go.  

RyanTheMasterBader site profile image  

1/23/12 11:14 PM by RyanTheMasterBader

Stop crying, Monson is a 60 fight vet. Take it like a man Sean and keep fighting in the cage and not online. If you're as good as you say it's going to happen. I like you as. Fighter you're a annoying attention whore.

RyanTheMasterBader site profile image  

1/23/12 11:07 PM by RyanTheMasterBader

Man, get off Hunts nuts! You're like Eddie Bravo praising his win over Royler, it doesn't make you a legend or something lol. You wanna play MMA math Sean? You lost to Morcraft, who lost to Barry, who lost to Tim Hague, who lost to Chris Turnscher or w.e.....see where I'm goin here?P.s I'm tired of everyone sayin shit like "I dare you to say this to his face ya puss, you would never say this if you saw him"Bullshit! What are you going to do Sean? Beat me up over my comments and how I feel a out you? You're a good fighter, but an even better whined and nut higher of the UFC and Bellator lately hypin up UFC contracts and the Bellator champ. You also have a big fan following of nut huggers who defend you and will always post behind you with "oh! McCorkle just owned him! How does seans dick taste?" Get off the net and go fight, I'd rather see ya fight oppose to listen to ya bitch.

Zionist Zodiac Zephyr site profile image  

1/23/12 6:28 PM by Zionist Zodiac Zephyr

I can assure you the great body of Russia hates Communism in its old and modern format. Monson is simply sympathetic to the theoretical ideology that was Marxism–Leninism. Who isn't once its understood but its practically unworkable as has been proven.

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

1/22/12 8:04 PM by lifeaftrprison

Because Monson has a look of a stereotypical American cage fighter. Tattooed and muscular or maybe because he is a communist supporter and they like that.

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

1/22/12 8:02 PM by lifeaftrprison

Thank you kind sir.

canadachaos site profile image  

1/22/12 7:45 PM by canadachaos

this kills me

1ChromosomeTooMany site profile image  

1/22/12 4:50 PM by 1ChromosomeTooMany

M1 needed an American hero. It found one in Jeff Monson.