$45K OTN bonuses: Denis, Miller, Barry, Morecraft

source: The Underground

UFC on FX 1 $45,000 fight-night bonuses
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN

Knockout of the Night
Nick Denis
Elbow to Joseph Sandoval at jsut :22.

Submission of the Night
Jim Miller
Miller came off the mat to take Melvin Guilalrd's back and sink a rear naked choke.

Fight of the Night
Pat Barry and Christian Morecraft
Morecraft was dominating with submission attempts, but Barry was surviving, and ultimately ended it via GnP.


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Hired Gun site profile image  

1/21/12 12:16 PM by Hired Gun

Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian was the FOTN and nothing was even close to it. Piss poor decision choosing anything over it.

TheUltimateLurker site profile image  

1/21/12 12:13 PM by TheUltimateLurker


TheUltimateLurker site profile image  

1/21/12 12:11 PM by TheUltimateLurker

Tough choice? Bullshit. More like favoritism. The only clean, technical strikes delivered were a couple kicks from Barry and a jab from Morecraft. The rest was very sloppy stand up from start to finish with a couple of nice submission attempts in between. Even the glancing blow that stunned the big fella wasn't set up. It was a positioning mistake by Morecraft. Stepping in with his arm extended. Barry knocked his dick in the dirt. It was cool. I cheered, but even as one of Pats biggests fans im not blind enough to label that fight of the night.(props to Morecraft for continuing to improve his physique I now the "bitch tits" comments probably didn't feel nice lol)

TheUltimateLurker site profile image  

1/21/12 12:03 PM by TheUltimateLurker

Easton was to linear, with very poor foot work. Had a chin made of iron (IDK how hard 135lb'ers hit) but his foot work was poor. He walked after his opponent without ever trying to cut off the angles. Still fight of the night in my opinion but your giving Easton way to much credit and not even acknowledging the fact that "papa" was using the octagon to his advantage and delivered the more effecting striking In both rounds 1 and 3. I could have seen the fight going either way, but I personally don't believe that "octagon control" outweighs effective striking. The take downs and control he exerted in the second round did, but he didn't win rounds 1 or 3 in my opinion. They both deserved FOTN IMHO.

Another UKTT victim site profile image  

1/21/12 11:32 AM by Another UKTT victim

Anyone else read the thread title and wonder when Dennis Miller took up mma?

AceAtGSU site profile image  

1/21/12 11:30 AM by AceAtGSU

"I love the fans going crazy over the FON bonus! I will take care of Easton & Papazian. It's was a tough choice tonight. Great fights!!"-Dana WhiteTwitter

AceAtGSU site profile image  

1/21/12 11:26 AM by AceAtGSU

KO of the night - DenisSub of the night - MillerFight of the night- Easton vs Papazianjust change fight of the night.

RickRedd site profile image  

1/21/12 11:16 AM by RickRedd

Knockout of the Night - Pat BarryFight of the Night - Mike Easton vs. Jared PapazianSubmission of the Night - Jim Miller

mmavixen site profile image  

1/21/12 10:23 AM by mmavixen


MuchRespec' site profile image  

1/21/12 10:18 AM by MuchRespec'

Neer v Bang was my favorite fight if the night. It was the exact opposite of Barry v Morecraft.