Rutten: Overeem has glass jaw, will lose to Dos Santos


In an interview with the Sherdog Radio Network’s “It’s Time!” show with Bruce Buffer, the colorful MMA personality gave his thoughts on the matchup and a variety of other topics, including his Fuel TV show “Punk Payback” and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos’ positive test for an anabolic steroid.

Rutten on telling Overeem’s camp which opponents could make for difficult matchups: “I always told them … make sure to avoid Junior Dos Santos. I think him and Cain Velasquez, although with Cain, he cannot take a punch too great. But still, Cain is a monster and he should have simply shot in on Junior Dos Santos, I think. I actually thought he was going to win that fight, but he didn’t. He got tagged, and that can happen to anybody. Anyway, I always said try to stay away as long as you can from Junior Dos Santos. That right now could be a very big threat together, believe it or not, with Cheick Kongo. I think that would also be a great opponent for him.”

On how Overeem matches up with dos Santos: “I think Alistair, everything he does is one single shot because he knows he’s got that glass jaw as well. He’s been knocked out quite a few times in the past, even by Chuck Liddell as well. Every time when he punches, one hand is up. He throws single shots; he doesn’t throw combinations. You saw that when he fought [Fabricio] Werdum. Werdum was actually tagging him more than he did to Werdum. I think that Junior Dos Santos, with his combinations, his reach, I think he’s going to tag him and he’s going to throw combos and I think that yeah, he’s going to take this fight.”

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Recent Comments »

HighBastard site profile image  

1/25/12 12:04 AM by HighBastard

im pumped for this fight. maybe reem's chin cant deal with the punches of jds. but can jds absorb the viscious knees and kicks of allistair?

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

1/24/12 9:53 PM by Jons Forsberg

shitty of Bas to say this.

THP site profile image  

1/24/12 9:50 PM by THP

Reem is gonna break JDS down

dahosse site profile image  

1/24/12 9:30 PM by dahosse

Fact is the more you are ko'ed, the more susceptible you become to getting lights-out ko'ed.

greenman417 site profile image  

1/24/12 7:23 AM by greenman417

of course bas said reem was #1 he was training partners and friend now bas can speak his true feelings and his true opinion is reem has glass jaw maybe saying that now makes him seem bitter but he has trained with him so he has expertise on subject imo reems chin not glass but is weak and jds takes fight in all areas even if reem can take his shots

GMB13 site profile image  

1/24/12 5:45 AM by GMB13

And I am sure Bas is the only person in the world with any sort of bias.  

UGCTT_zackthewop site profile image  

1/23/12 5:53 PM by UGCTT_zackthewop

It's easy to look at sherdog but have you actually seen those fights? Yes a lot of them were rd1 losses but pride and rings had 10 minute first rounds. Also like i said if you watch these fights it's easy to see reem gas. The liddell and shogun fights for sure.Also shogun didn't KO him and neither did arona or kharitonav. Tkos from being gassed.I've never seen the Hoffman fight but it did go almost ten minutes and Hoffman was the kind of guy who could KO anyone back then.From my memory Liddell was the only guy to cleanly KO him but reem was winning until he gassed.

kerazzle site profile image  

1/23/12 2:34 PM by kerazzle

I like Bas but this makes him lose credibility. I don't know, there is a personal issue between them and Bas is a figure in the media, so I think he should just not comment on Overeem since he's clearly very biased. There was no end to the praises he would sing about overeem before the incident with Golden Glory. That alone shows you his lack of credibility in this issue. Makes me wonder about the whole Bas/Kimbo incident now.And Alistair doesn't have a great chin, but it certainly isn't glass. He's been stopped by heavy hitters, but I think his recovery has improved at heavyweight. He took some powerful shots in K1. You can't take shots to the head from guys like Saki, Aerts and spong, and go on to win with a glass jaw. Still, Overeem can be stopped with punches and JDS has the talent and power to do so.

ausgepicht site profile image  

1/23/12 2:03 PM by ausgepicht

No, it's not irrelevant. I was addressing Zack the WOP's comment. It's incredibly relevant to his comment. Even if it wasn't someone's chin is VERY relevant in ANY day and age.  

DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/23/12 1:39 PM by DoomFarmer

Irrelevant in this day and age of MMA.Overeem is vastly improved. It will take him TKO'ing your hero in brutal fashion to get you finally come around but you will.