Carlo Prater: Joe Rogan made me out to be the villain


In his UFC debut at UFC 134 in Rio, it took Welterweight Erick Silva 40 seconds to knock out opponent Luis Ramos Do Nascimento. Four and a half months later he came back and did it again, knocking out Carlo Prater in even less time.

However, referee Mario Yamasaki determined that Silva threw illegal strikes to the back of the head, and disqualified Silva, awarding the bout to Prater.

A replay - not available to Yamasaki - appeared to show strikes that could have been legal depending upon the the definition of "back of the head" in use.

The back of the head can be defined as a "Mohaw/Cell phone" prohibited zone - start at the top of the crown, and slide a cell phone down the back of the head. That area, roughly one inch on either side of an imaginary line down the back of the head, is off limits. The "Headphones" standard is another - strikes are prohibited to any location that would be behind a pair of headphones worn on the head.

In 2009 the Asociation of Boxing Comissions adopted a definition of back of the head that combines both standards. The new rule uses the mohawk definition towards the top of the head, and widens the prohibited striking area towards the base of the neck. The new rule can be summed up pretty simply - if you are hitting the back of the head, at least part of your glove has to be touching his ear.

There is a further sometimes complication consideration - the opponent has a responsibility to not turn the back of his head into an incoming strike that would otherwise have landed legally.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan questioned the call publicly in the cage; many fans thought he over stepped his bounds in doing so. Rogan later explained himself on The Underground to what seemed to be everyone's satisfaction.

Ultimately, Marc Ratner, former Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and current Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with the UFC determined that Yamasaki's decision would stand.

The matter appeared to be settled, but in an interview with Brazilian media giant OGlobo, Prater expressed outrage at Rogan's quesstioning of the call.

"I think in the end I was made out as a villain," Prater said. "I wasnt laying on the Octagon for nothing after the fight. I want that to be clear. I had to stay in the hospital until monday. (The UFC) asked me not to go public because, indeed, that wouldnt do any good for me or Eric. IMO, Mario did the right thing. It's been a long time since rules have been implemented. You are not allowed to do anything you want inside the cage. Watching the fight video i could see at least 9 blows to the back of the head."

"I think the way Joe Rogan behaved was completely unethical. He went with the crowd. A real professional doesnt do that. He was acting like a fan when he should be acting as a broadcaster. Mario is a million times more competent than him. Hes been living off this for 20 years. Joe Rogan is just a swagger, someone who walks amongst fighters but isn't really a fighter himself. He doesn't understand. Whatever ... human beings make mistakes and i am not going to be holding grudges against him."

"I felt really strong strikes to the back of the neck and my right shoulder. They were really painful shock-like sensations. I was trying to take Erick to the ground on instinct. But i couldnt because it was the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. Like my nerves were in shock. I was really scared, I though i had torn something"

Read entire article... (original Portuguese)

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saemskin site profile image  

1/26/12 3:43 PM by saemskin

no, it is not. that is my point, and isolate shot does not deserve a DQ historically speaking.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

1/26/12 12:10 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

This. And as far as back of the head shots/reffing coming into play you need look no further than Lesnar-Mir at UFC 81. Lesnar was on his way to winning. But being penalized for shots to the back of the head changed that fight for certain. Fight officiating is not like measuring the first down in football. It's not as cut and dry as dragging the chains out there. It's an instant decision To bring replay into matters would mean stopping fights, reviewing infractions at that time and this could lead to 10 minute breaks in action which could benefit a fighter who was tiring. Prater/Rogan was between those guys. I'm glad they handled it quietly like the men they are.

Osbot site profile image  

1/26/12 8:04 AM by Osbot

First, the gif that pauses the action to tell me where the creator thinks the blows land is absurd.Virtually every shot in that gif has some part of the fist or arm making contact with the base of the skull.Second.If a fighter is unable to continue a fight due to an illegal blow, it is a DQ, PERIOD. Obviously this allows for some gamesmanship, but I see no reason to believe that happened here.Prater was clearly fouled. He was unable to continue. There was a DQ. I'm sorry but what is the problem here? Most of the people here posting have never been clocked in the back of the head. Prater gives a pretty accurate description of how it feels. Blows that would seem completely innocuous to any other part of the body are extremely jolting when they land to the base of the skull.

fightharder site profile image  

1/25/12 10:41 PM by fightharder

I actually really liked the fact that Rogan came out and just said what was on everyones mind. Perhaps it was not professional but perhaps it should become more profession in the sense that a lot of sportscasters never seem to ask critical or ''controversial'' questions because there afraid of not being diplomatic enough.I really do not understand why Prater was upset with Rogan either. Joe is always extremely respectful of all the fighters.He always shown a great level of respect and admiration for anybody who set foot in the Octagon. And while he might not be a professional fighter himself he is hardly without a certain level of experience and knowledge (enough that you cannot casually disavow his opinion with a wave of the hand).I am sure Prater is a pretty solid fighter but he absolutely got murdered in his UFC debut,against a fighter who was just better on the night.Did he hit the back on the head.Yes but according to my count no more then two to three times.Is this enough to disqualify this fighter,personally i would not thing so (why did Mario failed to step in sooner and give Prater a time out with sufficient time to recover) but perhaps the rules state that two to three punches can be sufficient cause. In most eyes the decision would have been suspect including the eyes of most referees in the UFC because these kind of stoppages never occurred in past events.Anyways i personally hope that Joe does not take this attention the wrong way.Please keep speaking your mind because even though Anik did a decent job you always will be the best in the business.

sly fox site profile image  

1/25/12 7:01 PM by sly fox

 yup... is it rogans place to have a kangaroo court as the announcer... f%^& no praters a good dude, should the fight have been ended dont think so, but i get praters point

Kostakio site profile image  

1/25/12 6:35 PM by Kostakio

Not that he cares or should, but I just went from being a fan to not wanting to see him fight again.

youmadbro site profile image  

1/25/12 6:32 PM by youmadbro

This.People choose to ignore the fact that with all the shots that the gif posted in this thread show, Silva's forearm is clearly hitting the back of the head. I know most of you have never been struck in the back of the head, but it's not fun and it is extremely painful, not to mention dangerous. There is another gif posted that is less bias and highlights the forearms striking the back of the head on here somewhere, someone should post it. And JK already mentioned that the gif shown does not include about 5 shots that are clearly illegal as well.

jakmma90 site profile image  

1/25/12 6:15 PM by jakmma90

bad 4 carlo & erick,but WTF pothead rogan questoning ref's decisions?he's bitter cause he doesnt understand the fight game like a ref & fighters do and because he's 2 old to pull that shit off...but i think he woulda been a great fighter though, if MMA wouldnt b so young as a sport.. it's actually sad 2 see guys like that obviously dreaming like "oh,i woulda kicked ass in this,if wasnt 2 fuckin old" but hey u can always roll w/ur potbuddy eddie with ur earmuffs on...

CaptainBurma site profile image  

1/25/12 5:36 PM by CaptainBurma

Amusing. Why not also include a round of golf and a game of chess. Mental toughness (golf) and outthinking your opponent (chess) counts in mma, as much as straight-up grappling rt? Best 2 outta 3 wins.