Carano praised; Haywire struggles at box office


This past Friday, Haywire opened in movie theaters across the nation The movie, by famed director Steven Sodenbergh (Erin Brockovich Oceans 11), told the tale of a special agent trying to find out who and why she was double-crossed. The lead role was played by mixed martial arts super star Gina Carano, whom the film was written specifically for.

Leading up to the theatrical release, the movie had been very well received by critics and Carano, who was acting for the first time in her career, received very strong praise for her role., a site which has become the standard in movie ratings on the internet, has ranked the movie at 86% among critics, but the movie only recieved a 56% 'like' rating from audiences.

In an article today for Entertainment Weekly, Aly Semigran questions why the movie was not a hit with audiences, arguing that the movie deserved more credit

Well, this is a kick in the pants. (And the face… and pretty much anywhere else Gina Carano could knock you on your butt clear into next week.) In addition to a less-than-impressive opening weekend at the box office, Steven Soderbergh’s well-reviewed action caper Haywire earned a dreadful, if not entirely baffling, D+ grade from CinemaScore.

The film, which has already earned plenty of comparisons to being a female version of the Bourne series, is complete with a knock-out leading lady who knocks out all of her leading men (see left: poor Ewan McGregor), Michael Fassbender (in a towel: A+!), Bill Paxton (with a mustache!), stunning action sequences (the hotel room, the snowy car chase), and a killer last line. So what gives?

While the mixed martial artist’s acting skills were certainly not as polished as her ability to destroy her competition (the first-time movie star, whose voice was altered for the film, noticeably took a lesson from the Kristen Stewart Lip Biting School of Acting), her character Mallory Kane was still, quite simply, a badass. It’s especially curious considering audiences had a hankering to watch some female butt-kicking, as Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld: Awakening topped the box office with an impressive $25.4 million and earned a superior A- CinemaScore grade.

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AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

1/25/12 8:18 AM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

 movies are hit and miss, I hope after the movie makes its way around the world the producers come out at least slightly over budget, so maybe we could see her again at some point

easedel site profile image  

1/24/12 11:29 PM by easedel

The whole SOPA thing could have affected the box office. As in people saying screw you to movie companies. Plus movie attendance been down ALOT over the past year. A low box office doesnt mean its a bad movie. Hell chipwrecked did great at the box office and that movie was a festering pile of pig crap

tenchu site profile image  

1/24/12 9:35 PM by tenchu

Another factor might be the high suspension of disbelief needed in watching a female action star in this type of role.

12SixElbow site profile image  

1/24/12 9:10 PM by 12SixElbow

 I think people are mad they didn't use Gina's voice

HexRei site profile image  

1/24/12 9:06 PM by HexRei

I have seen nothing but speculation. Who confirmed this and where. Link please.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

1/24/12 8:32 PM by Jons Forsberg

other than the Voice replacement I think Gina did a pretty good job.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

1/24/12 8:30 PM by Jons Forsberg

Most of Gina's lines were overdubbed by Laura San Giacomo, it's already been verified.

Hope2012 site profile image  

1/24/12 8:28 PM by Hope2012

 I think if it was rated PG 13 it would have done a little better. even though Haywire bombed Gina came out looking good. Lots of people thought she was great even though they didn't like the film  

Vasechkin site profile image  

1/24/12 2:12 PM by Vasechkin

I saw the movie. The story was too convoluted, and didn't make sense.Gina had nothing to do with it. She was fine.I think Soderbergh likes extreme beautiful women - Sasha Gray, Gina Carano, but doesn't put enough effort to make really solid movies with them.I'm still glad he did it.

clattymine site profile image  

1/24/12 2:06 PM by clattymine

 Forget that ... have you ever seen a movie before? 99% of fight scenese are silly.  How is this different?  Do we really need to hold a real fighter to different standards in a hollywood production?