Evans weighs in on Bisping vs. Sonnen

by Garrett Derr | source: bleacherreport.com

Evans weighed in on the co-main event which also has its fair share of hype and anticipation.

"Bisping is a scrapper man and that's one thing people don't really realize. You cant watch a Bisping tape and get a true appreciation for just how good he really is until you're in there," stated Evans. "And by then, it's usually too late."

"He's very tricky and he's a lot better than what he looks. You underestimate him because he doesn't look strong but he's surprisingly pretty strong."

"For me I think the pressure Chael Sonnen brings is hard to match with his offense, takedowns, ground and pound, hand in the face and dropping elbows and shots. It kind of wears down a fighter. And, if he does that to Bisping too much, I think he'll be able to maul him," said Evans.

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