Hendo: Steroids killing Vitor's neurons, Johnson fight never offered

source: tatame.com

Vitor Belfort told TATAME this morning that Anthony Johnson was offered to several fighters before signing to fight the “Phenom” at UFC Rio, and Dan Henderson was one of the fighters that refused this bout.

On the other hand, Henderson told TATAME that Vitor is lying.

“That’s not true, this fight  was never offered to me,” Dan said through his BJJ coach Ricardo Feliciano. “Steroids might be killing Vitor’s neurons, he’s getting crazy to say something like that”.

Henderson fought Belfort on 2006, when Pride went to the US, and won by decision. Days later, the Brazilian tested positive for an illegal substance, 4-hydroxytestosterone.

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HELWIG site profile image  

1/27/12 9:22 AM by HELWIG

 Is it really fair to compete with the experience and skill set of a 40 year old while artificially augmenting yourself back to the vitality of a 25 year old? Thats like a boxer with Bernard's grit and tact but Jermaine's strength, speed, and conditioning.

disbeliever site profile image  

1/27/12 9:16 AM by disbeliever

Shogun did, and came back at the end. Why Couldn't Vitor?

spirello site profile image  

1/27/12 8:36 AM by spirello

 Vitor cant take a H bomb

BIG_604_MIKE site profile image  

1/26/12 4:01 PM by BIG_604_MIKE

Oh and this makes no sense. Im pretty sure theres only 1 fight Dan is interested in @ 185. He's expressed his feelings a long time ago about dropping down to mw.

BIG_604_MIKE site profile image  

1/26/12 3:58 PM by BIG_604_MIKE


zaqson site profile image  

1/26/12 3:27 PM by zaqson

TRT master spoke!

n1ck_bAk3d_d1aZ site profile image  

1/26/12 3:26 PM by n1ck_bAk3d_d1aZ

It's hard to look at hendo and see a clean fighter. I mean dude's body fucking 'glows' *beep* when he fights, and by that i mean... i mean...um...um theres just something about hendo that i can't put my finger on. Same could be said about Vitor(a known cheat).......ah FUCK!! the same thing could be said about any figter. I guess what they do say is true, that most fighters are on something.......Fucking MaDnEss i Tell ya, fucking MADNess!!

Manny Yarbrough GOAT site profile image  

1/26/12 3:26 PM by Manny Yarbrough GOAT

Vitor would kick his ass @ 185.

BzGrappla site profile image  

1/26/12 2:48 PM by BzGrappla

dude is not a bodybuilding contest.. designer roids out there for endurance, recovery, strength. Once a guy juices he will mostly likely go back to it, only try double harder not to get caught. None of these guys are clean. dont be naive