Jones an early 6-to-1 favorite over Evans

by Chris Palmquist | source:

With his win over Phil Davis at the UFC on FOX 2 event, Rashad Evans has earned himself a shot at the lightheavyweight title held by Jon Jones. The drama for this matchup has been building over the last year as for some reason or another it wasn't able to happen. Now with both fighters healthy and ready to go they will square off in April at UFC 145 in Atlanta.

Today, betting site, opened the betting lines and champion Jon Jones opened as a huge favorite:

Jon Jones: -600

Rashad Evans: +400

For those unfamiliar with how betting on mixed martial arts, the favorite is assigned a negative number which is a multiple of how favored for a bet of $100.00. Jones is at -600 and therefore a bettor would need to bet $600.00 dollar to win $100.0.

As an underdog, Rashad Evans is assigned a positive number which is a multiple of his chances for a $100.00 bet. In this case, with Bisping at +400, the bettor would stand to win $400.00 if he/she placed a $100.00 bet on Evans.

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UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

1/31/12 11:35 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare

I was being a dbag troller.I do think Evans has a chance at JBJ, 6-1 is insane

Northside Strangler site profile image  

1/31/12 4:16 AM by Northside Strangler

I posted the odds in another thread, giving credit to betonfighting. Chris runs to make a horrible UG news thread with inaccurate information. He can't even swaggerjack me properly.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

1/31/12 4:03 AM by SinCityHustler

 Great Post  VTFU

theinfamousjmo site profile image  

1/31/12 3:34 AM by theinfamousjmo

Not sure if serious, especially with the Bisping comment. But I'll bite. Sonnen had difficulty taking down Bisping. What makes you think he could take down Jones? I'm not going to take any credit away from the Count. His TDD is great. But Jones's is outstanding. With his long legs, he can easily sprawl out anyone who tries. (See Exhibits Bader and Shogun). As for his standup, well just try to remember the last time you said "Holy shit, did you see that crazy Chael Sonnen knockout?" They're not on the same page on the feet. They're not reading the same book. Hell, they're not even in the same library.

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

1/31/12 3:17 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare

Only 3 people can beat Jones: Rashad, Sonnen and Bisping. Two gret wrestlers and one badass.Ill put $100 on Evans.

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

1/31/12 3:17 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare


Brabo Ben site profile image  

1/31/12 2:41 AM by Brabo Ben

Rashad is great at covering distance, I think a lot of people forget that, this is not going to be a case of jones peppering Rashad from range and him not being able to answer. These odds seem pretty reasonable to be, enough to throw down some money. I think Rashad might be the first guy to put jones in troubleBut ultimately I still take jones by sub

rossi47 site profile image  

1/31/12 2:01 AM by rossi47

They are saying that Rashad is winning under 2.5 times out of 10 fights and in my opinion he is winning more. That's it.

Woodford Mike site profile image  

1/30/12 2:04 PM by Woodford Mike

I actually think Hashad is a decent bet at these odds. The guys that Jones has been blitzing recently have never had to deal with a fighter like Jones. How do you duplicate that in training? He's a very unique guy and I think that some guys get flustered (probably poor choice of words) when there in there for the first time with a guy with that kind of reach and physical advantage.Hashad is already familiar with Jones. It's not going to be a major surprise the first time he gets in the ring with him and he knows where Jones is weak. Also, there's clearly some personal animosity there. Whose to say Jones doesn't let his emotions get the better of him and make a mistake? He's still a very young guy.Now....even $ odds I'm betting on Jones - hes clearly the better fighter. All im saying is that Hashad at 400 is pretty attractive IMO.

rockwell site profile image  

1/30/12 1:33 PM by rockwell

 Horrible odds. You'd have to be mad to bet on this fight.