Diaz camp likely to wait for GSP; Condit camp will fight whoever

source: mmafighting.com

That leads to questions about how the division will move forward in his absence. And on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, Diaz's manager and trainer Cesar Gracie revealed that if Diaz wins, he'll urge his charge not to compete until St-Pierre is ready to face him.

"If we're fortunate and we win this fight, I would advise Nick to not take another fight before the GSP fight unless it was in different weight class," he said. "We want to wait for that 170-pound thing. The people I speak with, they want to see the GSP fight if Nick is able to defeat Condit. That's where I'm at with it. I'd advise Nick to not take another fight."

Depending on St-Pierre's recovery time, that could lead to a 10-month break between fights, a period that Gracie said could be broken up by a temporary move to middleweight.

Gracie's comment got under the skin of Condit's manager Malki Kawa, who wondered if the Diaz camp was looking past UFC 143 and into the future.

"At the end of the day, if people are writing Carlos Condit off, it's a big mistake," he said. "Carlos is coming to fight. The guy is in great shape. Remember, he was supposed to fight in October. He hasn't stopped training. He's coming to fight and this is going to be a real good fight. And if and when he wins this belt, if [the UFC] wants to put him back out to fight again, Carlos is going to fight again and defend his belt against anyone who challenges him. We're not going to sit around and wait for anyone, not Georges or anybody. If there's fights out there, Carlos wants them."

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bostonsboy site profile image  

1/31/12 2:46 PM by bostonsboy

Diaz has earned his hype. You can say that bj doesn't belong at ww but nobody has beaten down bj like that standing and same goes with Daley. Diaz isn't the same fighter he was in his last stint with the UFC , so that can't be used as a strong argument. No one is talking about condits loses in 2006. Has Diaz proved he can beat top notch wrestlers? Hell no and this fight won't prove that either. These questions will be answered soon enough as ww is stacked with wrestlers. So relax everyone, we'll find out pretty soon if Diaz's hype is justified and he is a top fighter in the world but he's definitely earned this hype with his recent beatdowns on some bad ass dudes.

player101 site profile image  

1/31/12 2:06 PM by player101

Just re watched. You are right the fight was mainly on the feet but Sherks takedowns were the deciding factor in the fight. Couple that with the fact that Sherk is a 155'er and not even close to being an elite wrestler when compared to Kos, Fitch, Story, etc at 170, it still bolsters the point.

orcus site profile image  

1/31/12 1:25 PM by orcus

 " Wrestlers aren't bad matchups for Diaz; it's the other way around." Then why hasn't he beaten any? Ever? Tibau is about the only one who could be classed as a wrestler and he is a middle of the pack lightweight.

ENZO007 site profile image  

1/31/12 1:23 PM by ENZO007


CesarGracieJewJitsu site profile image  

1/31/12 1:22 PM by CesarGracieJewJitsu

 a loss at another weight class would not affect his title shot against GSP and the unification of the interim title and regular title

32Hunter site profile image  

1/31/12 1:18 PM by 32Hunter

you obviously never even watched the Sherk, Diaz fight it was on the feet for the majority of the bout.  

player101 site profile image  

1/31/12 1:08 PM by player101

Where was his BJJ/Sambo when he fought Sherk an undersized WW? Sherk put him on his back and he stayed there. Diego manhandled him as well.

ENZO007 site profile image  

1/31/12 12:49 PM by ENZO007

I agree with Cesar. GSP is trying to run Diaz through the gauntlet hoping someone knocks him off so he doesn't have to fight him. GSP is sitting back claiming injury while Diaz is fighting everyone else in wars.He is hoping Diaz loses or is completely battle worn by the time he has to fight.

Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

1/31/12 12:22 PM by Hugo Stiglitz

We've seen it before, I respect fighters for what they do but the hype behind some of them is just crazy.... Shields, faces top WW's and loses 2 in a row. Diaz is being so hyped right now and the facts have become swayed to make him more significant. He's fought guys who uses to be, Daley has been his toughest opponent until Condit.... I used to be a huge BJ fan but WW has never been the spot for him, argue with me that he out wrestled Fitch.... But he also gassed so bad that the 3rd was a 10-8.