Amateur MMA said to be legal in NY State Attorney General motion

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Long time MMA journalist and author of the recently published Raw Combat: The Underground World of Mixed Martial Arts, Jim Genia combed through the NY State Attorney General's motion to dismiss Zuffa's lawsuit seeking the Regulation of MMA, and made a remarkable discovery.

amateur MMA LEGAL in NY

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I just read the NY State Attorney General's motion to dismiss Zuffa's lawsuit, and in it the f----- admits that the law banning pro MMA in New York does not apply to amateur bouts. I've been saying that for years (and writing about it), and that loophole in the law has enabled events like the Underground Combat League and many others avoid trouble with the authorities. Fuck yes.

Here's a link to the document - - but the key lines pertaining to the statute that bans pro MMA read:

"The statute’s provision on its face explicitly speaks to ‘professional’ combative sports and does not address amateur sports. Moreover, while the legislature, in another statute, regulates amateur boxing and wrestling, the legislature has not enacted a provision expressly addressing any amateur martial arts activity. Accordingly, the statute does not treat amateur MMA bouts any differently from amateur bouts involving traditional martial arts."

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Garv site profile image  

3/31/14 10:09 AM by Garv

Agreed. Also, check out NYFE. They are putting on amazing shows and getting better each time out. The shows are in Jamaica Queens, very convenient for people in NYC and on LI. You don't even have to drive in you're on the Island. The venue is right next to Jamaica station LIRR.

bcolflesh site profile image  

3/23/14 1:59 AM by bcolflesh

TTT for Jim Genia, cruelly snubbed by this site's "Best MMA Journalist" poll.

siouxNYC site profile image  

3/22/14 9:00 PM by siouxNYC


siouxNYC site profile image  

1/31/12 12:37 PM by siouxNYC

peter storm is the man behind the Underground Combat League. you can find him on facebook.

siouxNYC site profile image  

1/31/12 12:36 PM by siouxNYC

That's the funny thing about the law. It leaves the athletic commission with no power to license amateur events, nor does it leave them power to stop amateur events from happening. the only way they've been able to curb these sorts of events in the past has been to send cease and desist letters to the gyms hosting them, and if that particular gym is also a licensed boxing gym (boxing gyms have to be licensed by the athletic commission), then that's sometimes enough to scare a venue into complying.but that hasn't worked all the time. if you read the legislative notes, the liquor law that bans booze at pro and ammy shows was enacted because the state was powerless to stop this promoter upstate from putting on amateur shows where the audience would step up and fight (allegedly, while drunk).

UGCTT_RhiNo site profile image  

1/31/12 10:20 AM by UGCTT_RhiNo

No idea about nyc but i know of a couple upstate doing ammy shows

JPBoyles site profile image  

1/31/12 10:14 AM by JPBoyles

I just spoke with the NYSAC and as far as they are concerned MMA (whether pro or ammy) is still illegal across the board in NYS. It is considered a "combative sport". They say that:1)"A "combative sport" shall mean any professional match or exhibition other than boxing, sparring, wrestling or martial arts wherein the contestants deliver, or are not forbidden by the applicable rules thereof from delivering kicks, punches or blows of any kind to the body of an opponent or opponents."2) "No combative sport shall be conducted, held or given within the state of New York, and no licenses may be approved by the commission for such matches or exhibitions". I am sure you can put on an ammy "exhibition" event, but I wonder if putting on "illegal" events would cause issues with getting licensed by the NYSAC when MMA is legal.

SamboMMA site profile image  

1/31/12 10:01 AM by SamboMMA


Elias Cepeda site profile image  

1/31/12 9:56 AM by Elias Cepeda

 Who is doing amateur shows in NY, then? I'd love to fight in NYC. 

siouxNYC site profile image  

1/31/12 8:23 AM by siouxNYC

just a little more historical perspective for those out there who are curious.-since the ban was put into place in 1997, other than the shows in indian reservations, there's been no "big" mma shows in NYS. but from 1997 to about 2003, local kickboxing promoters (like lou neglia) were allowed to have mma bouts on their cards. neglia's vengeance at the vanderbilt events on long island featured the likes of matt and nick serra, phil baroni and pete sell, doing it up mma-style, and there was even a bunch of mma bouts at a neglia show in NYC called "battle on broadway" (which took place in the ballroom of a hotel in times square). often, members of the athletic commission sat ringside as guests. the state simply did not give a shit. as long as the ufc wasn't holding events, it was all good.-then, in 2003, the athletic commission started giving a shit. they reversed their lassez-faire position and started strictly enforcing how they interpreted the law, which was ALL MMA had to go. thus, vengeance at the vanderbilt bit the dust (which forced neglia to start up ring of combat in connecticut and new jersey). also, an MMA tournament out in brighton beach, brooklyn, got axed, and would-be promoters throughout the start were told to go screw themselves.-as a result of this tough stance, MMA went underground. 2003 is when peter storm began doing churning out his UCL events (there's been close to 40 of them at this point); bike 'n brawl has done a few in upstate new york; there were a bunch in a cage at a school on long island; and a few odds and ends ones have popped up, done an event or two, and disappeared throughout the state. all of these events took place under a culture of secrecy - even though the entire time the law on the books allowed them.-the curious thing about the law on the books is that it allows the athletic commission to permit outside sanctioning bodies to come in and do their thing - even for amateur MMA events. but the commission has never moved toward doing that. at first i thought it was douchebags within the commission who thought lowly of MMA (which was certainly the case in 2003), but i've since come to realize that a lot of it has to do with budget constraints and politics. the current athletic commission chairperson, melvina lathan, loves MMA. i'm pretty sure that if she had the budget - and she didn't think her job was on the line if she took a chance - she would've "officially" allowed an amateur MMA show to bloom.-along the same vein as the "politics" thing, the world kickboxing association is specifically named in the statute as being allowed to sanction events in the state. and they do sanction kickboxing shows. but the WKA won't rock the bout and sanction amateur MMA, even though they sanction MMA elsewhere and are specifically named in the statute as being allowed to sanction stuff here. it's all just politics.