Ken Pavia now CEO of India's Super Fight League

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Ken Pavia has taken a long, strange trip through MMA.

After graduating from law school in 1991, Pavia was an agent for NHL and MLB players. In 2005 he entered MMA management, and built his MMA Agents up until by 2010 his client roster of 55 fighters, fought in over 192 fights, in 60 different organizations, in 18 countries.

Then the UFC sued him, over alegedly sharing UFC fighter contract details with Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney.

The 80/20 rule applies in MMA, and, shut out from the two leading shows, Pavia sold MMA Agents to Paradigm Sports Management, another fight management agency.

On January 1, 2012, Pavia was named as CEO of India's Super Fight League.

Founded by millionaire sports franchise owner Raj Kundra and the Bollywood start Sanjay Dutt, the promotion's first event, SFL 1, will take place in Mumbai on March 11, 2012. It will feature a main event of James Thompson vs Bob Sapp.

The promotion is striving define itself as real, and to differentiate itself from professional wrestling. Bob Sapp is thus a puzzling choice for the inagural main event.

The Indain economy is now massive and growing at a far greater pace than it is in the West. Further, while martial arts are popular in India, MMA is now, making possible again the style vs style match ups that made the sport so intriguing at its birth. The Super Fight League has the potential to eventually mark a mark on the entire sport.



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KenP site profile image  

2/7/12 8:30 PM by KenP

Hmmm hadnt noticed. Where are those FTC guys?

frontrowbrian site profile image  

2/7/12 7:05 PM by frontrowbrian

 interesting how none of the credentialed UFC media will give Ken's new venture even a little press. Coincidence? Nah.

john joe site profile image  

2/7/12 8:44 AM by john joe

just because all sixty billion - or whatever - people in india wont get into mma, it doesnt matter. In the same way that only a tiny percentage of americans are paying UFc fans, they only need a tiny percentage of indias population to make it a lucrative operation. It doesnt need to be the new soccer/cricket/kabbadi, it just needs to get enough to make it sustainable the currency aspect makes it cool as well. Guys can fight for an amazing ONE MILLION RUPEES which is a nice headline number and only works out at $20,000

Oscar Sosa site profile image  

2/6/12 11:56 PM by Oscar Sosa

Sign me Ken P.  I'm 10-2, will fight at 170 or 185.  Send me a PM or contact me on this thread.  I want to fight. 

MrBojangles site profile image  

2/6/12 11:54 PM by MrBojangles

Funny the fight he "won" last week was in kickboxing as well and was extremely fishy. I understand hes just trying to cash in on his name wherever he can. But just showing up to take a couple punches then fold is a rip off to whoever pays for a ticket

MrBojangles site profile image  

2/6/12 11:52 PM by MrBojangles

I included his kickboxing fights where he has lost 10 out of his 11.He has been doing nothing but showing up for paychecks and taking dives since 2009. Its sad and shouldnt even be called MMA. Not to mention what condition he will be in to fight come MArch when he has two fights in February.

KenP site profile image  

2/6/12 11:46 PM by KenP

He only has 9 losses in his MMA career so stop exaggerating.  He won a fight last weekend.  And India is in ASIA, and he is kind of a big deal in ASIA. 

MrBojangles site profile image  

2/6/12 11:40 PM by MrBojangles

So Sapp has lost like 12 of 14 fights, has two fights scheduled in February and you choose him to be the first main event of a new promotion?Doesnt sound like the smartest idea.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

2/6/12 11:25 PM by Hong Kong Phooey


KenP site profile image  

2/6/12 10:18 PM by KenP

So we have a little head start...