Tyson: Fedor my favorite fighter, but he stayed around too long

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(1:5 mark) “Fedor Emelianenko, my favorite of all time,” Tyson told HDNet’s Inside MMA. “He’s always the underdog, he’s always the smallest guy and he always comes out victorious. He just stayed around too long in the age of high performance [-enhancing] drugs, bigger athletes. I’ve just never seen an athlete like him, fighting, as far as a fighting athlete, that beat the odds so many times.

“From a guy that just loves him from a human perspective, I don’t want to see him get hurt anymore. He didn’t get hurt, but those guys could have hurt him – the big guy that was hitting him, Bigfoot. I don’t like to see that. A guy that’s been in there so long, and he’s not the same as he used to be and you see him getting beat up, that’s a bad feeling.”

There were actually place for Tyson and Fedor to box, in a Pride promotion.

 The first meeting with Sakakibara and Mike Tyson took place in April of 2006. The location was China. Mike Tyson, during his imprisonment, had become deeply inspired by revolutionary Mao Zedong. He was in China getting a tattoo of the notorious former leader of China. Sakakibara’s killing words were “creating a world tour.”

Tyson was a huge MMA fan from the very beginning. He had even worn a Vitor Belfort t-shirt at a meeting with reporters. One drawback, as we have seen most recently, an accomplished boxer could not go into the PRIDE ring solely with one skill, for the competition pool was very deep at this time. Two other major draw backs were the fact he had his license suspended by the NSAC and Japan frowned upon allowing convicted felons to fight in their country.

This is where the idea of a “world tour” came into Sakakibara’s mind. His matches would be boxing matches, first with Mirko Crocop, and eventually with Fedor Emelianenko, two strikers that had a chance at boxing with Tyson in the PRIDE ring. The plans were for these fights to be held in Russia, China, and other venues in Europe.

A fight in Japan and the United States were planned for the future, pending the results of the legal hurdles involved in getting him licensed.

Using Tyson in this fashion, PRIDE would be grabbing a share of the market that the UFC was unable to attain.

The primary focus was moving these cards into China and breaking ground in an untapped market such as China. The huge population, the scale of the business, it would be unfathomable for them not to become an instant success. Also, China had land related to Tyson – in Sakakibara’s eyes, this would be a huge success.

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ValeTudo 1 site profile image  

12/30/12 12:21 PM by ValeTudo 1

Your the idiot who thinks punch power comes from size and strength. It mostly comes from technique, speed and aggression and yes strength helps but if theres no speed behind the strength its useless. Tyson had the fastest hands in the HW division and he hit with brutal aggression. He would put his whole body into his big punches and he had excellent balance. There's no one in mma who has the punching skills of Tyson not even close. Forget the in an mma fight argument, he never trained in mma he was strictly boxing and he was a beast at it. 6 days a week countless hours everyday he drilled boxing, boxing, boxing and he did it a from a young age and he did it with ferocity, determination and hard work mma fighters will never be able to get to tysons level of punching coz they train other aspects of martial arts and don't have the time FACT. Tyson was a harder and better puncher than any mma fighter

PiousDevil site profile image  

2/11/12 9:17 PM by PiousDevil

persistent troll is persistent.

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

2/11/12 9:13 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

 lol at best boxer ever

SikRick site profile image  

2/11/12 9:03 PM by SikRick


PiousDevil site profile image  

2/4/12 1:23 PM by PiousDevil

Obv troll is obv, etc etc

SikRick site profile image  

2/4/12 4:51 AM by SikRick

 Tyson with "6 months sprawl training", Tyson with "4oz loves"   blah blah, this forum has been wrong for many years on Tyson.  He is no doubt the best boxer ever, but he would have lost to Matt Hughes in MMA, or 100 others also a collegiate wrestler would have killed him.  He has been the most overrated human in MMA history.  Anderson would front kick his teeth out in mere seconds, Its so sad to see these little kid imaginations come out of people.  You cant compare some great MMA athletes or college wrestlers to the 30 chumps Tyson beat to make his career,  you guys act like beating Peter McNeely or Micheal Sphinks in rd 1 is super human,   leftlegtrump, hankhill, zukes, vruntson, raheen, outcold, anarkis , you guys are as smart as a box of rocks

MPA site profile image  

2/3/12 10:57 PM by MPA

Tyson is part of that new breed of fighters that appeared out of nowhere like how the new breed of MMA fighters like Jon Jones, Junior Santos, jose aldo, Frankie Edgar etc. just appeared out of nowhere, dominating veterans, highly athletic and looked like men among boys.Among the new breed of fighters who appeared shortly after Tyson, were Holyfield, Ray Mercer, Lennox Lewis, James Toney, Hopkins, Oscar De la Hoya and of course Roy Jones Jr.

Gentorz site profile image  

2/3/12 5:57 PM by Gentorz

<blockquote>ElChupaNibre - ^ Pretty sure I've heard Tyson admit to having bad cardio.</blockquote><br /><br />That's why he went 10 rounds with Jose Ribalta going at it 100% throwing power-punches and combo's from the opening bell until the end where the referee stepped in...Tyson has said in interviews that he had bronchitis, whether or not that is true remains a mystery. We know he broke his back...spinal!

eltigre site profile image  

2/3/12 12:22 PM by eltigre

lol @ MMA fighters punching harder than Tyson. That sport science show is scooby doo it's worthless and full of bullshit

William Colosimo site profile image  

2/3/12 12:13 PM by William Colosimo