UFC 143 cut list, who needs a win?

by Ben Fowlkes | source: mmafighting.com

Fabricio Werdum (14-5-1, 2-2 UFC)
Who he’s facing: Roy Nelson
Why he’s in danger: Okay, so danger probably isn’t the right word here, but this is a bit of a fork in the road for Werdum. You’ll recall that he got dropped from the UFC after getting dropped by Junior dos Santos and then getting into a bit of a contract dispute with his employers. The UFC decided he wasn’t worth the cash back then, but a brief revival in Strikeforce has helped up his stock. Or at least, it would have if he’d made the leap after beating Fedor Emelianenko. Instead, he’s coming in off an ugly decision loss to Alistair Overeem.

Matt Riddle (5-3, 5-3 UFC)
Who he’s facing: Henry Martinez
Why he’s in danger: Riddle has done a lot of growing up in the Octagon over the past few years, and you have to appreciate the rarity of a guy who’s had his entire pro career take place on the big stage. Still, dude has lost two in a row, which is never a good sign. It’s not like he’s been fighting total chumps lately, but neither has he distinguished himself with a win over an opponent who really matters. He’s done just enough to hang around on the Fight Night/pay-per-view prelim level, so he probably can’t afford a three-fight losing streak just now.

Matt Brown (12-11, 5-5 UFC)
Who he’s facing: Chris Cope
Why he’s in danger: At this rate, Brown is shaping up to be the Cut List’s most frequently featured fighter, and not because it's so fun to write about him. Despite going 1-4 in his last five fights, he’s somehow still hanging on to a roster spot in the same organization that cut Gerald Harris for losing just one fight in four attempts.

Chris Cope (5-2, 1-1 UFC)
Who he’s facing: Matt Brown
Why he’s in danger: The former TUF competitor got off to a good start with a decision win over castmate Chuck O’Neil (who was subsequently released), but got wrecked by UFC newcomer Che Mills in his next bout.

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da Vinci 81 site profile image  

2/1/12 8:12 PM by da Vinci 81

No Roy Nelson? He's been a human punching bag after one round in two of his last three fights because he refuses to get himself into shape.

rosario00 site profile image  

2/1/12 8:05 PM by rosario00

I hate these articles, but Werdum is on thin ice.. He has lately been all name, no show

AxeKick1 site profile image  

2/1/12 7:52 PM by AxeKick1

Op's faggotry is astounding

MMAKingdom site profile image  

2/1/12 7:41 PM by MMAKingdom

Unprofessional? Are you kidding me? I think the fact that some people are on the bubble is what sports is all about. You don't watch PLAYOFF games? Win or go home...There is nothing wrong with selling that idea...I love the articles...keep em coming!

Haadogei site profile image  

2/1/12 7:38 PM by Haadogei

Werdum is a good call actually. If Nelson somehow beats Werdum decisively, they could give Werdum a quick pink slip. He has already been 2nd tier in Pride and 2nd tier in the first UFC run.

Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

2/1/12 7:29 PM by Hugo Stiglitz

Diaz or else the hype will be a waste

spliff site profile image  

2/1/12 7:26 PM by spliff

 matt riddle? the air must be relieved

Farewell Brock site profile image  

2/1/12 7:21 PM by Farewell Brock

These articles are very unprofessional IMO. This is people's jobs.

MMAKingdom site profile image  

2/1/12 6:43 PM by MMAKingdom

Dana will cut Werdum in a heartbeat with a boring loss. My reason is different than mosts however. I think it will be meant as another shot at Fedor. You know "look, this guy couldn't beat someone that was cut from the UFC twice". imo

Chris site profile image  

2/1/12 5:03 PM by Chris

The article isn't who WILL get cut, it's who's in danger. And if Werdum has a boring loss, that'd be two in a row so sure he could be cut...