A year and half later, Silva and Vera to rematch May 15th

by Chris Palmquist | source: ufc.com

On January 1st, 2011 Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva fought at UFC 135, with the Brazilian stopping Vera in the 2nd round by punches. It was Vera's 3rd loss in a row and he was subsequently released by the promotion.

It was a few laters that we learned that Thiago Silva had tested positive for an anabolic agent and the bout was subsequently changed to a no-contest. With the result changed, the UFC welcome Vera back to the UFC, seeing as how he had only lost to an opponent that cheated.

Vera returned to the UFC in October of 2011, winning a unanimous decision over Eliot Marshall. Silva however, received a stiff 1. yr suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as well as a $45,000 fine. That suspension ended in January of 2012, but it was unsure if Silva would return to the UFC.

Today the UFC announced that Thiago Silva would indeed return, and his comeback match he would have to give Brandon Vera a rematch:

Light heavyweights Thiago Silva and Brandon "The Truth" Vera have verbally agreed to wrap up some unfinished business this May in Fairfax, VA. "Their last fight ended up a no contest and both guys are out to prove that they are the better man," said UFC president Dana White.

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bhealthy site profile image  

2/3/12 7:52 PM by bhealthy


hood393 site profile image  

2/3/12 4:40 PM by hood393

lol people really think Thiago isnt gnna be juiced up this time around? - THIS ! He is likely to be just off cycle or juiced again. A CHEE CHEE baby

flip_guard site profile image  

2/3/12 9:53 AM by flip_guard

Hoping for a Vera win but as a Vera fan, I have to admit that this isn't looking good for him. He did ask for this fight so I hope he brings it this time. I think he has the skills to beat Thiago but not the heart.

WinstonWolfWonTheBet site profile image  

2/3/12 3:12 AM by WinstonWolfWonTheBet

I'm still looking forward to it. This is a big fight for Vera or his time may be done in the UFC and Silva has a lot to prove coming back after a long layoff. Should be okay.

Dawggy site profile image  

2/3/12 3:05 AM by Dawggy

Good shit. GMU is 20 minutes from my crib.

Silverball site profile image  

2/3/12 3:04 AM by Silverball

As a prelimn fight I'm interested.

orcus site profile image  

2/3/12 12:58 AM by orcus

 Who was waiting for this?

BIG_604_MIKE site profile image  

2/3/12 12:52 AM by BIG_604_MIKE

Vera hasn't looked good in a long time. Marshall beat him imo.Thiago will easily wreck him.

Ragusauce site profile image  

2/3/12 12:38 AM by Ragusauce

Brandon keeps underwhelming recently. Needs to get the flash back.

TOAO site profile image  

2/2/12 10:59 PM by TOAO

Vera by ko