Jose Aldo drops Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares as managers

by Eduardo Ferreira | source:

Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares Black House manages the greatest team since the Monte Cox managed and Pat Miletich trained team of UFC title holders TIm Sylvia, Pat Miletich, Matt Hughes, and Jens Pulver. Six months ago Black House boasted present or former UFC title holders Junior Dos Santos, Big Nog, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, and Jose Aldo, among others. 

Now the Black House ranks are thinning. Six months ago, Junior Dos Santos announced he had other managerial arrangements. Anderson Silva has recently voiced displeasure with his management. And today word comes from Tatame that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has returned to his original manager.


The career of the UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, is again in the hands of Nova Uniao head coach Andre Pederneiras, and not with Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares also as his managers.

"I’m his only manager now," said Pederneiras. "We’ve sat down, talked and found it was the best way to go. Since things are happening in Brazil now, we thought it was the best call."

Pederneiras trained and managed Aldo until he entered the WEC, when the fighter started to be managed by Black House.

Black House remains an extraordinary team, and has among its ranks the greatest fighter in the sport Anderson Silva, but it doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing for the team.

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JohnnyChrist site profile image  

2/9/12 10:55 AM by JohnnyChrist

Thank you for your insight!

UGCTT_RhiNo site profile image  

2/9/12 10:04 AM by UGCTT_RhiNo

I dont know why but i have always felt the same way.

spliff site profile image  

2/9/12 9:57 AM by spliff

chaplinshouse site profile image  

2/4/12 3:06 AM by chaplinshouse

Is that prop-worthy?  To be fair, it'd be silly for him to get personal with the guy signing his fighter's checks.  Not many people in any field would cross that line.  "hey... fuck your mother... and while you're at it, add a few more zero's at the end of that check pussy..." There are tons of positive things a man in his shoes could do as proof they're an outstanding person (money and power can make a lot happen).  Not shitting on incoming money isn't one of them I also don't think just because you love a non lucrative sport it makes you a good guy.  He could be, but cite something with substance.  Plenty of scumbags tried to enter the field before it took off   I do admire his entrepreneurial success and having his client's best interest at heart, but that often comes at a price of making his guys look bad because he's not very slick, and he injects himself way too much in the media which also backfires.

Reasonable Discourse site profile image  

2/4/12 2:12 AM by Reasonable Discourse

Good shit. RH in the house.

rharris site profile image  

2/4/12 2:04 AM by rharris

Though I don't go on here at lot anymore due to the shit I get, I thought I would jump in as I have been working with Ed and George since the beginning...meaning before there was any money in this thing we call MMA. Both Ed and George worked my shows back in 2001, videotaping the fighters and fights and then sending the tape back to Brazil for some crazy show they were trying to do...back then they managed a handful of guys and could have probably bought a dinner with what they point is these guys were in it for the love of the sport (and their fighters) many of us.  Back then even the UFC wasn't making a dime. Now don;t get me wrong, Ed and I have gone at it many times over fighters purses, travel and all the things that managers and promoters go at it over...but never, not once did it ever become personal or disrespectful...and for that I have the utmost respect for him and his team.   Ed does what a good manager does, gets as much as he thinks the market wll bear for his fighters.  And he does it well and with decency....which at the end of the day is all we as promoters can ask for. Thanks, Reed  

thedudebro site profile image  

2/3/12 1:38 PM by thedudebro


lThanatosl site profile image  

2/3/12 1:34 PM by lThanatosl

i started to dislike soares since the 2nd shogun-machida fight, he shook hands with shogun but didn't even look at him, very disrespectful.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

2/3/12 8:16 AM by chaplinshouse

 hahahaha!!! butthurt insight from Ed in 3.....2.....

orcus site profile image  

2/3/12 12:34 AM by orcus

 Don't know why everyone here seems to hate Ed. Is it because he says Chael etc didn't deserve title shots?