Mario Yamasaki: 'To err is human' instant replay would be divine


At UFC 134 in Rio, Welterweight Erick Silva knocked out opponent Luis Ramos Do Nascimento in just 40 seconds. Four and a half months later, he came back and did it again, knocking out Carlo Prater in even less time.

However, referee Mario Yamasaki determined that Silva threw illegal strikes to the back of the head, and disqualified Silva, awarding the bout to Prater. A replay - not available to Yamasaki - appeared to show strikes that could have been legal depending upon the the definition of "back of the head" in use, and the degree to which the Prater turned in such a way that his head was exposed to an incoming blow.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan questioned the call publicly in the cage; many fans thought he over stepped his bounds in doing so. Rogan later explained himself on The Underground to what seemed to be everyone's satisfaction.

Ultimately, Marc Ratner, former Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and current Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with the UFC determined that Yamasaki's decision would stand.

In a recent interview with Brazil's Radio PVT, Yamasaki discussed the merits of instant replay in Mixed Martial Arts.

"To err is human and it is no shame to admit that you made a mistake and change your opinion. I think it is great for the referees and give us an opportunity the take a better look in what happened and finally make our decision. The athletes work so hard to fight at the UFC that they deserve it.

"(Erick Silva) showed class and maturity. He could have made it a circus with the interview after the fight, but understood the situation and behaved like a real gentleman. He is a great kid. (Joe Rogan) was doing his job and it was my mistake of staying there in the middle. I should had left before that."

"The UFC is the one that wants and needs the most an Athletic Commission in Brazil. They want and they need Brazilian referees, judges and cutmen to help develop the sport in the country and to cut the expenses of bringing an entire staff from USA and Europe. Carlão and I are putting together all the legal issues and will be organizing many seminars, courses and training for referees, judges and cutmen. We'll start in March and will bring many professionals from the US to help us prepare and specialize people to do the work in Brazil."

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Ocean6 site profile image  

2/3/12 8:22 AM by Ocean6

He is a good man. We have common friends and they think the world of him.

XblacksheepX site profile image  

2/3/12 8:00 AM by XblacksheepX

Exactly. But if i remember correctly, afterwards it came out Hamill wasn't able to continue because of shoulder injury, that did not occur because of bones' elbows. To be fair, mazzagati could not know in the cage and that unusual time, he made the right call.

CindyO site profile image  

2/3/12 7:29 AM by CindyO

 Ah, that's right. A DQ just like Jones VS Hamill when Hamill was unable to continue. Thanks for clearing that up. Cindy

XblacksheepX site profile image  

2/3/12 7:19 AM by XblacksheepX

Yamasaki couldn't just deduct a point, because Prater was hurt and unable to continue. As soon as he stopped the fight for the "illegal shots", he had no choice but to call it a disqualification. With instand replay of course he could have seen that the punches were ok and call it a tko for Silva.

slamming site profile image  

2/3/12 4:34 AM by slamming

You are such an oxygen theif. Shut your cock holster and get a life.

CindyO site profile image  

2/3/12 4:24 AM by CindyO

 ^^^ I think he's probably a great guy too but I would have been SICK if I had money on that fight (or any other when a ref has made a mistake) just to not only see it stopped when my guy was winning, but to then have the opponent declared the victor instead of calling it a N/C (wouldn't have lost the money I bet). Not sure why Mario didn't simply deduct a point from Silva for the supposed foul, which tends to be the next step  following a vebal warning. Fighters can sometimes get away with 2-3 groin shots before losing a point:) Tough call for Mario but kudos to him for actually owning up to the mistake, which had to be even tougher considering the backlash. Cindy

RUSRedDevil site profile image  

2/3/12 3:32 AM by RUSRedDevil

I don't like the idea of overruling ie. Reversing an entire decision, but null and voiding/no contesting a fight when evidence presents itself I'd be ok with. Mario Yamasaki has no reason to apologize, his job is to number 1 protect the fighters, no 2 enforce the rules, He was protecting the fighter and doing the best to enforce the rules to his ability in the situation he had presented. You get to instant replay a foul, but you don't get to instant replay a late shot that causes serious damage and make it better. He is a good guy in my book.

Bailx site profile image  

2/2/12 10:27 PM by Bailx

BAN THIS FUCK* far as i can see... while instant replay would be very nice... i don't see how you would implement it with any success at this point (under the current rules of mma)...i'd love to see a proper thread on this, as it's a great idea... but how do you keep people like that asshole above out of them is the question

MisterFixit site profile image  

2/2/12 10:03 PM by MisterFixit

I support Mario. Good ref.

91W209 site profile image  

2/2/12 7:53 PM by 91W209

^ is there like a one or two week suspension the mods can implement? Banning seems a little much unless this guy has a history of this stupidity but he definitely needs to go outside and chill for a while.