For Lauzon, Pulver, Neer, and others, Diaz did enough to win

source: The Underground

The great part about Twitter is often gut reaction and quick dissemination of over information. Usually athletes will tweet their real thoughts without having taking the time to think it over, reconsider, etc. So what you get is their gut response. Last night when Nick Diaz  and Carlos Condit battled to a decision for the interim title, a bevy of UFC and Strikeforce fighters tweeted their support of Diaz

I eagerly await fight metrics for this fight... I thought Diaz won that all night long.

I HATE judges! @ufc

That decision was an absolute joke. At best, Condit won 2 rounds.

Diaz wins via ring generalship, one moving forward, one moving
backward. Ala delahoya vs Trinidad in my opinion, it's 3 opinions that

Great fight Diaz 1,2,5 Condit 3,4

Gr8 fight! Think Diaz 4 rounds to 1. We'll see! #ufc143

Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck Carlos ran the entire time

Wow. Nick got robbed 4-1 diaz. Carlos was doing the Forrest Gump #runforestrun

If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I'd go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a bulls*** fight

 I meant Diaz rounds 1,2 & 5 and Condit 3 & 4

You got to be kidding me...

I wanted Nick to win but there's no way Condit won 4 rds backing up

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Chuckles site profile image  

2/6/12 2:52 PM by Chuckles

Judges definitely pay attention to damage. Carlos won that fight. He will win the rematch too unless Diaz suddenly develops footwork.

Old Feller site profile image  

2/6/12 2:37 PM by Old Feller

 Which fighter open-hand slapped the other?

ArthurKnoqOut site profile image  

2/6/12 2:23 PM by ArthurKnoqOut

please share some of the weed you're smoking!

jct71 site profile image  

2/6/12 10:56 AM by jct71

Which fighter made the fight ''his fight'' ? has to be Condit. I would give Edgar the control category as well and I was pulling for BJ. You have to do more than just come forward. Is it aggression AND control as separate fields? Diaz was the aggressor but it really didn't pay off until the late take down.

UGCTT_Lanfeare site profile image  

2/6/12 10:20 AM by UGCTT_Lanfeare

I can see how Condit won, although I would have personally scored it 48-47 Diaz, but that doesnt really bother me could have gone either way. What bugs me is the people saying Condit had octagon control. How? It was like BJ-Edgar 1, you can't control the octagon while backpeddling 80% of ring time.Not my words but. A striker who takes the center of the Octagon and moves forward is exhibiting Octagon control. Another example of this, is a ground fighter who has successful takedowns that lead to scoring points. On the other side of the spectrum, a striker who consistently fends off takedown attempts, or gets back to his feet, is also using Octagon control.

jct71 site profile image  

2/6/12 10:13 AM by jct71

Clearly Condit controlled the octagon, If Diaz had better control he wouldn't have let him get in and out all fight. The only time he had control was when he went for the takedown in the 5th and possible the first round where it was pretty even.

UGCTT_Zaph site profile image  

2/6/12 9:38 AM by UGCTT_Zaph

 Octagon control did not get taken away.  Condit refused to let Diaz fight his fight.  By using movement, he dictated how the fight unfolded.  That's also Octagon control.  A lot of people think Octagon control means always moving forward, but that's actually aggressiveness.  Diaz won that part, but only that part.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

2/6/12 5:06 AM by CLINTK9

"If I wanted to see a bitch get all sweaty and getting slapped in the face I would go to Brett Rogers house on thanksgiving"LOL

ufcman187 site profile image  

2/5/12 11:06 PM by ufcman187

"@RondaRouseyIf I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I'd go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a bulls*** fight"If I wanted to see a bitch get all sweaty and getting slapped in the face I would go to Brett Rogers house on thanksgiving. Diaz came forward talking shit, Carlos landed punches ! I was a fan of yours until that comment. just because you train with him doesn't mean you have to back him. I am sure he will have your back when Cyborg DESTROYS you and he's back in the 209 buying weed off the dealer behind 7-11

wreckker site profile image  

2/5/12 5:59 PM by wreckker

I am suprised, I thought was goimg to win...But he didnt.Carlos won and stats show that.Rrmatch sounds awesome though