Werdum: Nelson never hurt me

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame.com

“When I stood up, my blood pressure dropped and I felt sick. I couldn’t walk after the fight because of the pain. Like four of five elbows he threw at me really caught me, so it hurt but it was a nice win”, says the Brazilian, analyzing his performance.

“I was really happy about my fight. I asked my master (Rafael Cordeiro) how was it, and since he said ‘wow’ too many times, I guess he was happy… I followed the game plan as we had said it, all according to the plan. I was smart when fighting him. Roy Nelson is tough, he doesn’t fall, but I punched him hard. I even threw a spinning back kick (laughs)”, affirmed.

According to Werdum, Ultimate’s stability helped on his performance. “I was really confident, I wasn’t overtrained, even because I was not afraid it would get canceled like it used to happen in Strikeforce”, said, reminding of his duel against Alistair Overeem, in 2011, which was postponed three times.

Werdum showed impressive evolution on the stand-up, applying good knees on the clinch, and says he was surprised by the American’s strength. But it a bad way, he claims: he thought he would hit him harder.

“He didn’t hit me as strong as I thought he would... I guess it was like Samson with his hair, Roy Nelson lost a little of his strength when he lost weight (laughs)”, jokes, saying that did not hurt that punch which knocked him down on the second round. “I really lost balance, he didn’t got me dizzy or anything. It was like when I fought Fedor”.

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Lol haterade is a fucking idiot- he understood the reference and felt accomplished

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Yes because you are the only one here that knows that stupid fucking bible story, and the rest of us here are too stupid and ignorant to be able to piece together Werdum's dumb comment. Fucking idiot.

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Why do you do this shit all the time ?within reading the first few lines“I’m still crazy, the guy punched me f---- hard"You obviously saw that.You know he wasn't trying to disrespect Roy in any way. So why create this garbage head line anyways?disgraceful.

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  Werdum: Nelson never hurt me: Like four of five elbows he threw at me really caught me, so it hurt

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Nelson: "Werdum checked my oil - it hurt"

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