Jackson: I'm sorry there's flack on the Internet, but ...

source: Sherdog

In a recent interview with Sherdog, perennial Coach of the Year Greg Jackson, lays out and defends the strategy Carlos Condit used to defeat Nick Diaz Saturday night at UFC 143 for the Wleterweight Interim title.

"That was the game plan," said Jackson. "When you are fighting a guy like Nick who is so amazing and he does things so well, the last thing you want to do is sit kind of flat footed and get in a face punching contest with him.

"And so 'm sorry there's flack going around the Internet, but If you don't appreciate the way Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard or some of these great guys that do their sticking and moving, I don't know what to tell you.

"I am not going to tell my guy to do what the other guy is really really good at. and then throw the dice and win It seems to me the smart thing to do would be to hit him a lot and then not get hit.

"I'm no rocket scientist, but hitting a lot and not getting hit … sounds like a good idea."

"Part of our game plan was the body attack, with the legs and the body. That attack came to fruition. It is kind of like investing in a bank - you are putting your money in in the early rounds, and then you start slowing down and start to take over.

"At that crucial time, at that pivotal third round, when Nick started to slow down, Carlos started to speed up. So sometimes you can go and use, you can stay away from someone's strengths. Certainly we did that ..."

"In addition to that, you can go after someone's strengths. Nick's strength is pace, and so we wanted to slow down that pace a lot, and let Carlos dictate that."

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haterade site profile image  

2/8/12 11:39 AM by haterade

GJ is an idiot who takes the credit for turning on a light switchwow, if its dark and i turn the light on - i can seeim a geniusof course if u run away the whole fight u take little damageidiots.

haterade site profile image  

2/8/12 11:39 AM by haterade

GJ is an idiot who takes the credit for turning on a light switchwow, if its dark and i turn the light on - i can seeim a geniusof course if u run away the whole fight u take little damageidiots.

REDRUM_NYC site profile image  

2/8/12 11:14 AM by REDRUM_NYC

Greg Jackson is the greatest of all time at implementing the perfect Lame-plan...Sorry guys , deal with it.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

2/8/12 8:55 AM by GageIsLegend

Dumb poster is dumb. Who do you think will be more remembered Gsp or Chris leben.

thewellhungarian site profile image  

2/8/12 5:23 AM by thewellhungarian

That and they were 15 round or 12 round fights at the time, it wouldn't have workd out so well for Ali and the sport if they were 3 or 5 round fights

ValeTudo 1 site profile image  

2/8/12 5:11 AM by ValeTudo 1

The problem is when he is being compared to Ali and leonard. And the only fight where he mostly used the rope a dope was against foreman so if you watched other Ali fights you would see what skilled footwork is and condit was running.The fight that people say that messed Ali up in the long run was not the one where he rope a doped george foreman it was his third fight against joe frazier which was a war

DamnSevern site profile image  

2/7/12 6:15 PM by DamnSevern

 any fans he lost after this fight were never real fans to begin with.

SOO72 site profile image  

2/7/12 5:08 PM by SOO72

Absolutely his rep was enhanced. If you don't think so look at how people reacted to the way Cowboy FOUGHT vs the way Condits performance has been received. Big difference, Cowboy has just as many if not more fans from that performance while Condit seems to have lost more than half of his fan base if the reaction around here is any kind of an indicator.

dabigchet site profile image  

2/7/12 4:47 PM by dabigchet

can somebody answer this?

temp237481 site profile image  

2/7/12 4:42 PM by temp237481

Let me start by saying that I respected Condit as a fighter and enjoyed watching him fight in the past...”in the past”. Now to the point...Jackson is in the news trying to compare Ali and Sugar Ray to Condit? Condit is an "in your face" fighter. He comes forward, he offensively attacks. He even said that he comes at you "until the ref has to step in and save your life". Ali and Sugar Ray's trainer, Angelo Dundee (rest in peace), always said that you can't make a fighter what he isn't. He would never try to change a fighter's natural instincts and style, rather, he said, find a way to work within it and make adjustments - this is what true brilliance is in a trainer and a fighter - finding a way (or ways) to win while being true to your core style and mentality. This is what makes a fighter shine, what makes him look brilliant. Instead, Condit and his camp tried to change Condit's entire psychology and natural instincts and what you ended up with was a sloppy, awkward and unnatural performance. Trying to mold Carlos Condit into a Michael Bisping, Frankie Edgar or Dominic Cruz for one fight is a very desperate and amateurish approach. In my opinion Condit did not win that fight, however we all have our own opinions and he did win the decision...but here's the rub, he looked terrible and afraid doing it (whether he was actually afraid or not). And to add insult to injury (for the fans), Condit and his camp now say he doesn't want to fight Nick again?!? Instead they (Condit and his camp) are out there trying to spin this thing into something it is not. I get enough of that from politicians, I don't want it in my fighters or their trainers. Natural Born Killer? Then be one! Take the re-match and fight like you always did. Otherwise, I won't be paying money to see Condit fight again anytime soon.