Royce Gracie: Why come to fight if you gonna run?


When Nick Diaz lost to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 on Saturday night, controvery erupted around Condit's elusive style. While most thought the decision was correct, most also thought the style was unexciting, and did not show the agression that is at the heart of MMA.

Adding his sage voice to those criticising the decision, and Condit's uncharacteristic style of fighting against Diaz, is UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie.

realroyce Royce Gracie
@nickdiaz209 won that fight in my.opinion. he is what every fighter should be a true martial artists who comes to fight. Well prepared and with a gameplan. Not one that involves running from a fight. Why come to fight if you gonna run. Hackney was running when we fought and I had to take the fight to him, Shamrock showed up not to lose in our rematch its a shame really. I for one am proud of Nick and happy he is part of Grace Jiu-jitsu family.

rbsixpak Ronald Bendy
@Nickdiaz209 is a whining baby. When something doesnt go his way he quits! Lost any respect i might have had.

realroyce Royce Gracie
he didn't quit he is voicing his disapproval of the judging system and wants no part of it. Same way I stopped fighting on the 90's when they put rules in the UFC. Nothing wrong with that its his choice. Right or wrong is a matter of opinion but ability to chose is for Nick only.

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JkdSam site profile image  

2/18/12 4:17 PM by JkdSam

People let their rose colored glasses hide the fact that 5-10 years ago, the Gracie's were saying the same shit about Coleman, Kerr, Couture, and basically anyone they couldn't beat.

Slysir09 site profile image  

2/18/12 3:54 PM by Slysir09

"Royce is 100% correct. Condit did not fight like a figher, he fought to not lose a decision. He had no desire to finish the fight, only to constantly back up and counter attack with 50% power shots designed to impress the judges." No, he fought like a striker who didnt want to be taken down or backed into a corner....and since Diaz has no problem walking forward into punches the whole time what exactly was he supposed to do? Standing still and throwing until someone goes out is not a gameplan. Royce has a right to his oppinion but as usual I think his oppinion is ridiculous. Needs to stick to seminars/picture taking

kanodogg2 site profile image  

2/10/12 12:34 AM by kanodogg2

So far behind and shit. 3 weeks and shit. Wgf.

Newaza freak site profile image  

2/9/12 10:32 PM by Newaza freak

Would Helio have fought offensively like Diaz?or defensively like Condit?

pickula site profile image  

2/9/12 5:17 PM by pickula

He didn't say that NHB is a better sport than MMA - he explained the differences between the two and expressed a personal preference for the former, which is not the same thing as saying that one is better than the other. That's all I'm gonna say for now, if SKARHEAD wants to respond to your post then he's more than capable of speaking for himself without you (or me for that matter) putting words into his mouth.

Roidie McDouchebag site profile image  

2/9/12 12:41 PM by Roidie McDouchebag

SKARHEAD thinks NHB human cockfighting is a better sport than MMA.1999 called, it wants its posts back.

jct71 site profile image  

2/9/12 9:01 AM by jct71

Yeah he just accidentally landed more power strikes and total strikes. Diaz looked cool mean muggin though right?

SikRick site profile image  

2/9/12 3:24 AM by SikRick

 Condit ^ was thinking he wouldnt fight

Slysir09 site profile image  

2/9/12 2:41 AM by Slysir09

"What was Diaz's gameplan? Walking forward like a human punching bag? By Gracie's own definition, Condit is the true mixed martial artist. He was the one that imposed his will on Diaz, stuck to a gameplan and won convincingly."This is just to much common sense for many on this thread.....Yea Condit should had fought exactly like Diaz wanted him to,what the hell what was he thinking.

12 site profile image  

2/9/12 2:31 AM by 12

   r the other fighter protecting the gracie camp? go bash hendo and the rest of the pros that  gave diaz the win .you dont respect royce.