Nick Diaz tests positive for marijuana; disciplinary action pending

by Chris Palmquist | source:

Today, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer, released the e-mail below to members of the media:

The following athletes were tested:  Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Fabricio Werdum, Josh Koscheck, Renan Barao, Ed Herman, Dustin Poirier, Max Hollaway, Matt Riddle, Henry Martinez, Edwin Figueroa, Alex Caceres, Matt Brown, Chris Cope, Rafael Natal, Michael Kuiper, Stephen Thompson and Dan Stittgen.  All results received thus far have been negative, except Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites.  A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed.

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LurkingWolf site profile image  

2/13/12 2:49 AM by LurkingWolf


NoGiGoGoGaGa site profile image  

2/13/12 2:47 AM by NoGiGoGoGaGa

I think a fighter should only be fined if he is NOT on a drug (steroids opiates speed etc.)If I'm not entertained ,than a TRUE crime has been comittited.

Jaybrone site profile image  

2/13/12 2:42 AM by Jaybrone

 Bottom line is he is a good fighter but he continues to cause issues for his employers. Missing pressers sneaking out of your manager/coaches house to duck a presser and falling off the grid completely for an extended period when every effort had been made to get you there. Multiple times getting popped for weed in piss tests. He just has no concept of working for a company. Ya its nice you wnat to fight and make money. But just like every fighter in the UFC that comes with obligations. If you think there is a job out there that doesn't have obligations that a person is required to meet. Doesn't have rules you have to adhere too can you let me know I would love to find it.

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

2/11/12 5:06 PM by Chuck Kongo

He seems to have an uncanny ability to sabotage things no matter how hard his Uncle Dana is trying to serve him up GSP on a silver platter, huh?

hcbbjj site profile image  

2/11/12 4:51 PM by hcbbjj

gateway drug argument is absolutely asinine. the only reason it is a gateway drug is because the harsh laws in place force people who want to purchase reefer and reefer only to buy from drug dealers who often have other substances present. some people are weak willed and end up trying other shit because it's right in front of them. if it were regulated, these people would never be exposed to the harder stuff because they could purchase their pot from a legit business. this would also greatly reduce drug related crime all around as well.

gnomejeebus site profile image  

2/10/12 7:36 PM by gnomejeebus

Ducking gsp

dc1000 site profile image  

2/10/12 5:16 PM by dc1000

 i like to think so. i mean the guy has fought and been tested a bunch since his last pop he deliberately did this he knew if he won he would be stripped  the only other argument is that he was ducking GSP which i kinda believe too

BIG_604_MIKE site profile image  

2/10/12 4:19 PM by BIG_604_MIKE

Your coming off as a real fucking idiot. I smoke weed everyday. I know it shouldnt be illegal.Ive had to piss in a cup before too, and guess what, comes back cleaner than Ned Fucking Flanders. The issue is not if weed should be tested for or not. The point is Nick knew the rules and still couldn't play by them. Grow the fuck up.

invalid site profile image  

2/10/12 3:00 PM by invalid

Yeah, but remember when the UFC got sick of his shit before? Then he comes back with more hype and some great fights, but is constantly being a thorn in his boss' sides with his refusal to play the way they asked, so they finally made a huge push to market him as such, and he goes and pisses on everyone's shoes.I like him as a fighter, but he is a total shithead as far as his public persona. Dude is burning bridges

virginia757 site profile image  

2/10/12 2:52 PM by virginia757

No one should fight while high. Getting high on your personal time shouldn't be a problem though.