Lorenzo goes Dana on Pavia, briefly

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground

Last night on Twitter UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta reached out to the sport and took questions for an extended period, on a wide ranging number of topics from expansion into India, to his bench (it is 340).

Among those responding was Ken Pavia, formerly one of the leading agents in the sport. In 2010 the UFC filed a lawsuit against Pavia and Bellator Fighting Championships, claiming that Pavia gave confidential UFC documents to Bellator. The suit remains in court.

Pavia sold his agency and has moved on to other pursuits in the MMA space. The brief exchange below last night indicates that past problems between the two are not past.

Lorenzo Fertitta
Wow this is the most I've ever been on twitter. Any questions i can answer?

Ken Pavia
sure... want to go to dinner?

Lorenzo Fertitta
never said this on twitter but FU

A selection of Fertitta's wide-ranging, informative, and compelling Q&A appears below.

Lorenzo Fertitta
Traveling round the world for two weeks and now I have #insomnia wtf!

aguilarruperto Saso
have @ChuckLiddell call you and sing you a lullaby.

Lorenzo Fertitta
I'm on it don't know if he can sing

Tooze2480 Matt
Next time I'll travel around the world for you OK? ;-)

Lorenzo Fertitta
sleep for me too

Lorenzo Fertitta
If I put #TUFBRAZIL on UFC.com for free will you watch it with subtitles?

Lorenzo Fertitta
Great response on #TUFBRAZIL airing on UFC.com you got it real time. We've got serious talent on this show. Reminds me of tuf 1

Kendell Wyatt
When will it air??

Lorenzo Fertitta

nj1660 NJ
yes, but make sure ed soares isn't doing the subtitles

Lorenzo Fertitta
that's fumny

Do you make a conscious effort to remain in the background of the UFC?

Lorenzo Fertitta
seriously yes

Chris Soteriou
I have a question. Whose the bold guy who drops the f bombs. Just kidding, he's a champ. Don't lose him. @danawhite

Lorenzo Fertitta
my best friend

Scott Alan Zolnowski
is it true you may buy Dana out of his spot with @ufc?? Who would run it?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Big D
does @danawhite ever have a day off?

Lorenzo Fertitta
Neva eva

Kyle Robertson
what do you think about Nick Diazs testing positive for weed?

Lorenzo Fertitta
disappointed cause I really like him

Daniel Stern
will the @ufc accept nick diaz back after his suspension?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Jenny_R14 Jenny
what's Ur take on the Diaz situation? Is testing positive for weed reallythat bad?

Lorenzo Fertitta
government rules are the rules not mine

Sam Blackburn
Oh and please show Nick Diaz some leniency, they shouldn't be testing for marijuana anyway, not a performance enhancer.

Lorenzo Fertitta
not our issue it's the Nevada state athletic commission

lakersdeeonly1 eddie
can Diaz fight in brazil?

Lorenzo Fertitta
have to respect Nevada decision

Daniel Stern
will the @ufc accept nick diaz back after his suspension?

Lorenzo Fertitta

jruless316 joe
how are u feeling bout Diaz drug test coming back pos.?

Lorenzo Fertitta
He will be back

At what point does Diaz push it too far to come back? How is this not that point?

Lorenzo Fertitta
really like the kid just needs to get it together. I'm a sap for real fighters

nicholas pattimore
do you think nick Diaz will fight again?

Lorenzo Fertitta
after his suspension

Christopher Williams
will Condit defend the interim WW title before he fights GSP?

Lorenzo Fertitta
don't know yet

Chris Roach
who so u think deserves the interim title shot? I say give it either to Hendricks or Ellenburger if he wins?

Lorenzo Fertitta
both legit Ellenberger has Diego to deal with first no joke

Daniel Stern
what is your thoughts on @CarlosCondit performance?

Lorenzo Fertitta
pretty damn smart

Do you train any martial arts?

Lorenzo Fertitta
bjj, muay Thai, taco bell

Guy de Peso
Thoughts about Bisping leaving his training camp for a new one!!?

Lorenzo Fertitta
his deal I like that kid

Tiago Arantes
sonnen vs anderson will be in Brazil?

Lorenzo Fertitta
think so

matt Gri
i heard rumors of a TUF Canada a while back. any truth to this?

Lorenzo Fertitta

would you consider signing tim sylvia back in the UFC

Lorenzo Fertitta

Michael Keyes Jr
What is your all time favorite UFC fight?

Lorenzo Fertitta
the fight I just saw in brazil for #TUFBRAZIL and Hughes trigg #2

Would you consider buying K-1?

Lorenzo Fertitta

icrow MMA
can you please bring Mayhem miller back? Dana's not saying anything about it

Lorenzo Fertitta
he looked terrible against Bisping

RichBigCheese Rich
Who's the next Hall of Famer?

Lorenzo Fertitta
good question will know soon. Any ideas

JimboHmptns J.B. Szurko
Are we suppose to buy PPV's because they are most relevant or most exciting?

Lorenzo Fertitta
no cause your a fightfan

Adam hodgson
Who in your opinion is the best p4p fighter ??

Lorenzo Fertitta

Anthony Scardera
who will forest griffin fight next?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Scott Alan Zolnowski
That was messed up shit!!
What those dip shit hackers did!

Lorenzo Fertitta
I swear we are not bad guys just don't want peeps stealing our product. Seems reasonable right

Pete D.
new York on track to be finalized this year or you think hiccups still exist?

Lorenzo Fertitta
hiccups yes #culinary union

who's on more roids you now or coleman in PRIDE days?

Lorenzo Fertitta
funny im lean homie

And the old Fedor question. Would you recruit him fo rthe right price? Even at middleweight?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Ben Walker
who is Lorenzos favourite fighter???

Lorenzo Fertitta
chuck liddell

Jon Smith
JDS VS Overeem on big summer card?

Lorenzo Fertitta
memorial day weekend vegas

Sergey Naumov
do you interested in Hector Lombard and Alexander Shlemenko in UFC??

Lorenzo Fertitta

Dustin Dockter
any truth to a future Jon jones Anderson silva super fight possibility?

Lorenzo Fertitta

how much u benching ?

Lorenzo Fertitta

do you think Dana should reign Chael Sonnen in a bit and stop the UFC becoming like the WWE

Lorenzo Fertitta
we never tell guys what to say

haven arnet
whats next for frank mir :D

Lorenzo Fertitta

Yukon Cornelius
Which schools are Nicco* considering attending

Lorenzo Fertitta
USC sending letters handwritten, Michigan called, Idaho, unr and he's a frosh not to bad

*Ed note: Nicco Fertitta is Lorenzo's son, a high school freshman football star who more than compensates for so far less than ideal for football 5-foot-6, 140-pound frame, by as he puts it being "the most nasty, competitive person on the field."  The son also trains in fighting. "I saw him hitting the mitts the other day," Lorenzo said. "I'll tell you the kid has a good right hand ... He reminds me of Wanderlei Silva. He comes to fight and you can just see it in his eyes."

what channel will get the UFC in the UK when the ESPN deal is up??

Lorenzo Fertitta
not happy with espn

Amar Karia
ESPN is stopping MMA gaining maximum traction in the UK. Need a station with more views gain traction then Big Fight PPV.

Lorenzo Fertitta

why are UK fans always just an afterthought?

Lorenzo Fertitta
can't get a tv deal that makes sense

MelbHashtag Melbourne
when can we see the UFC in Melbourne Australia ?

Lorenzo Fertitta
need government approval

Yann Bicep
I can't wait to see it ! What about #TUFEUROPE in France? :)

Lorenzo Fertitta
coming soon just have to get France to recognize the sport

Yann Bicep
At least bring the UFC this Year to France would a perfect compromise :)

Lorenzo Fertitta
need ministry of sport to approve

Where in Europe are you looking to have shows in the next 5 years?

Lorenzo Fertitta
Spain, Milan, paris

Simone Anghileri
UFC in italy?Is it going to happen?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Da-Prato Stéphan
when a @ufc in china or india?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Watts Krackinov
why TUF India when there are several other markets with exponentially deeper talent pools?

Lorenzo Fertitta
big market

Lorenzo Fertitta
Finally tired sleep time


Fight fans worldwide now hope Lorenzo Fertitta gets insomnia regularly.


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jackbquick site profile image  

2/14/12 1:56 PM by jackbquick

perfect, moar plz!!

Haulport site profile image  

2/13/12 5:38 PM by Haulport

People remember what Lorenzo wants them too...

G-Hands site profile image  

2/12/12 10:55 PM by G-Hands

tim was a legit champ at the time he was champ. one of the more dominant hw champs in UFC history.people should remember that.

Juijitsuboxer site profile image  

2/12/12 10:34 PM by Juijitsuboxer

I think if Tim got in shape and trimmed up he would be great on the undercard.

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2/11/12 6:14 PM by CLINT NJHC


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2/11/12 3:29 PM by Smugcloud

Great post thanks much OP

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2/11/12 12:05 PM by AngryFoamy

Great thread, very cool of Lorenzo to answer all those questions.  I used to despise Twitter until someone explained it to as having access to the highest set of professionals in so many areas and being able to communicate with them on occasion and hear their personal opinions.  There is no other medium that gives such immediate access to such. After that I became way more active in my Twitter account and I learn all sorts of cool shit.  Neil DeGrasse is the MAN!!! 

CindyO site profile image  

2/11/12 12:23 AM by CindyO

 OK, I know what you mean, but I think you're talking about Adrenaline not Affliction: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Sylvia-Departs-UFC-Wants-Fedor-12047 The 6-foot-8 mixed martial artist announced his departure Friday evening during an appearance on HDNet's "Inside MMA." "I've pretty much come to a crossroads in my career," Sylvia said. "And there's a lot of big things happening in the MMA world, and especially outside of the UFC." As Sylvia, 32, spoke of the move -- which came with the UFC's blessing despite one bout remaining on a contract that was set to expire in July -- the No. 4 ranked heavyweight according to Sherdog.com was announced as officially joining Adrenaline MMA, a newly-branded promotion headed by his manager, Monte Cox. "Adrenaline is a new promotion, but it allows fighters to fight for other organizations -- that's huge," Sylvia said. "I've got three to four years left and want to fight as much as possible, so this is the perfect choice for me at this time." On Monday, Cox told Sherdog.com that his new organization, which replaces M-1 Global, would debut June 14 in Chicago, Ill. Cox will act as President and CEO. Bob Clark (COO) and Brian Patton (VP) follow Cox from the defunct M-1 Global, which failed to promote an event during its five months in operation." Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

2/11/12 12:15 AM by CindyO

 But he's Kareem when he stands on his wallet:) Cindy

Haywood Jablowme site profile image  

2/10/12 10:43 PM by Haywood Jablowme

 I was quoting Tim Sylvia, Cindy.